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Hi you guys! It’s your girl Pretty Girl Peeps! I wanted to write in regards to the upcoming Valentine’s day holiday and hopefully help you get ready if you are choosing to celebrate. Over the past 10 years, I have often helped plan and execute numerous Valentine’s Day date ideas for friends, family, classmates and colleagues alike. Today I would like to share some of my less tailored date ideas with you.

So this is coming after the SuperBowl games which occurred this past weekend, but fellas lets face it in some cases Valentine’s Day is a SuperBowl weekend for women. Now before I get yelled at, just to clarify Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day in which you can show your love and support in a special way for those you love this can/should happen all year round of course. And before I go any further I do want to make a special note that ladies you can treat your man for the holiday too. So don’t think you are completely off the hook, I will have a few gift suggestions at the end of the blog for you if you are choosing to do so for the man in your life. Before I go any further I do just want to reiterate that of course these are all just suggestions and can be adjusted to fit your own personal style, level of creativity, and your budget.

Most of the date ideas listed in this blog can be used by either sex and altered to fit the person you are planning on celebrating with. In this blog, I will break down a few categories of dating in which you can/may fall into around the Valentine’s Day holiday. Please note that no matter the category in which you fall, it is imperative that you know the person you are with/interested in because doing some research is major key. Don’t set yourself up to fail especially if you don’t have to. You my friend are going to be ready this year, OK? OK!

Let me start off by saying Groupon, Living Social, Open Table, your local event calendar and living social can be your best friends as far as creativity and as far as budget. Some of the best dates that I have personally planned were the result of two or more groupons coming together to make something great happen. A lot of the options I am going to list can be found on all of the above mentioned regularly.  Now let’s get to these categories and get to planning.



  • To define the category of first date, I would say that this is the first date the two of you have ever been on. You may have finally achieved a yes after asking for a date for a few times and Valentine’s Day happened to be the date that works. This is a big risk with this being one of the biggest date nights in the world. But if done correctly the payout can be pretty awesome. Try not to be nervous and try to be yourself as much as possible.
  1. Dinner and a Movie-This is a tried and true date that is easy to plan and easy to pull off. It is a good way to get to know each other while you wait on your food and the movie and your thoughts can create a conversation starters.( An important note for this date is don’t think that you have to go to the most expensive restaurant there is to impress someone. Sometimes simpler is better and at times more appreciated as well.
  2. Dinner and a Jazz Cafe/Something involving music- You can do dinner at the jazz cafe if they serve food and drinks. You can pick up the vibes and discover new music while you engage in conversation. (If you haven’t noticed a trend, I will spell it out for you it’s food lol. I don’t speak for all the ladies, but I can tell you this lady right here enjoys food lol!)
  3. Burgers and Bowling-This date is fun and easy to plan as it doesn’t require much leg work and isn’t to expensive either.
  4. GIFTS- A simple card, some form of florals ( Find out what her favorites are and you get special bonus points if you get them in her favorite color) and chocolates. Quick and easy.
  5.  I will never forget my fiance remembering that I am not a fan of the color red and making sure that he always made it a point to get me pink roses. It’s the little things that can make a huge impact.



  • To define the category of first Valentine’s Day, I would say that this is the first time the two of you will be celebrating Valentine’s day together. At this stage it’s possible you’ve been on a few dates or you are talking as the young people would say. This category gives you a great opportunity of seeing if this is a person that you would really like to take it to the next level with. 
  1. Painting with a twist- This is a nice date because it’s simple but not too simple. You both get to show your creative side and try something new and different together. The option to bring drinks is a good way to mellow out the atmosphere as well. You can always go fudge tasting at a local fudge shop or grabbing ice cream afterwards for a sweet ending.
  2. Arcade- Dave and Buster’s is a great idea because it combines food and the fun aspect. In addition to food and fun, you can get close and show your competitive side as well. Of course there are other arcades that include options like mini/glow golfing and laser tag which can be super fun as well.
  3. Murder Mystery Dinner – You get to come together and solve a mystery and see how each other thinks best of all it involves food.
  4. Ice Skating/Regular Skating-Fun and light date that will help burn some calories and between songs you can always sit and chit chat and enjoy some hot chocolate or snacks.
  5. GIFTS- A teddy bear, card, flowers, a book, or something small you have seen them take interest in. (Start off subtle hopefully this will be the first Valentine’s Day of many so pace yourself.



  • To define the category of seriously dating, I would say at this stage you guys are doing pretty good and you want to continue on that path for a while. 
  1. A nice date at a wine lounge/bar- Purchase a bottle of wine for the two of you and order a cheese pairing with some fruit and enjoy each other and some nice conversation. (You could also create this yourself at home by going to your local grocer and picking up some discounted or smaller bottles of wine and creating a flight of wines and then googling the cheese pairings that work best. Cracker Barrel has amazing cheeses at a decent price, you can put them on a pretty plate and serve with light music in the background.)
  2. A home cooked fancy meal with all the fixings – (If you guys don’t live together figure out an excuse to be there before they get home or have a roommate let you in.) You can stop here especially if it’s a rarity that you cook or you can step it up by adding all or some of the following to the mix: A nice premade Spotify mix made with love and romance in mind, some nice lingerie ( Don’t limit yourself to Victoria’s Secret, even though I worked there for years I must say you have additional options. Lover’s Lane, Kohl’s, Target, Hot Topic, and even other fine discounted retailers carry nice pieces at a lower price), chocolate covered fruit, a nice bottle of wine neither of you have ever tried, a hot candlelit bath*****WARNING, please be careful with the candles and make sure they have real holders in case of tipping over.**** , and lastly a personal massage with massage oils.
  3. A nice trip out of town – It can be 30 minutes away or more than 2 hours away, but get out and explore a new place together it gives you memories and something to talk about as well.,, groupon, air b&b will be extreme assets in this situation.
  4. Concert -A romantic concert with an artist they have been begging to see or one who will set the tone for the night you are hoping for. It shows you care and have been thinking about them and their interests.
  5. Cooking class/wine tasting class- This date is awesome because you can get creative together and take some things you learned back home as well.
  6. GIFTS-Jewelry, clothes, perfume, you can make them a gift basket with all of their favorite things, a gift card, or a trip somewhere nice.


  • You may see each other often or all the time, so possibly meet at the restaurant versus leaving together. Get dressed elsewhere and see each other for the first time that night at the restaurant.
  • Have an outfit laid out for the person that you think will fit the date.
  • Do not spoil the plan, keep the suspense going, keep track of your receipts, and don’t take notes about any reservations. Don’t give hints just a suggestion for attire and a be ready by time.

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  • This category is near and dear to my heart because it is the stage I am currently in. If you’re engaged like we are, you are possibly broke from saving for a house or to gather funding for the wedding. But there are still some cost efficient options to still show that person that they are special to you in the midst of all the hoopla.
  1. Scavenger Hunt- You can do this activity at home or in your favorite nearby city. The end result can be the gift of you and your time because you probably don’t get a lot of it during this time period.
  2. Picnic- This option can be created indoors or outdoors. Add in some finger foods and each other under the stars and who can ask for more?
  3. A couples massage – Self- explanatory I am sure you both need it!
  4. Game night with drinks-Crack out your favorite games or go grab one at your local store that you have both been wanting to try. You can up the ante with a bottle of spirits you both enjoy and have shots for the loser! Can we say fun and laughter galore because I am sure you will need it!
  5. Gun range- You get to learn a life skill and blow off some much needed steam.
  6. GIFTS-Each other, this expensive wedding you’re paying for, the new house you may want to buy, gift card for a spa day, or any small token of appreciation for the other person to let them know they are not forgotten about during the engagement period.

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  • Since I’m not yet married, I won’t say much on this topic in regards to ideas. Maybe once I have been married for at least a year I will have some input. However, some small suggestions are to go back to the place you had your first day to rekindle the flames or to take a couples pole dancing class. Make sure to continue to love on each other and remember why you got married in the first place above all else. 



  • I don’t want to hear you are Anti-V day. Either celebrate or don’t because there may come a day when this will be something you will want to celebrate. You can possibly celebrate yourself in various forms of treating yourself( spa, dinner, movie, and the list goes on). You can go out with another single friend and have a good time or some younger family members as your treat. The point I’m trying to make is you have options other than sulking, unless that’s your own personal choice. 



  • Sports Tickets or Concert Tickets (Stubhub can be your best friend to get the seats to kill for at the cheaper price.)
  • Beer or his favorite drink
  • Watches or cuff links
  • Books that you think would interest him or he could gain knowledge from
  • A gift basket with his favorite things- drinks, candy, socks, cute boxers etc
  • Cologne
  • Cook his favorite meal
  • Gadgets and electronics
  • Food or a trip to his favorite bar or pub
  • A driving experience
  • Trip to the gun range


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading the various Valentine’s Day suggestions for 2016 and beyond. Again, these are just ideas but ideas that may help someone out! I’m so happy you took the time out to read my thoughts! Please comment below your favorite and least favorite Valentine’s Day dates as well as gifts.


Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!

Side note: I will post my Valentine’s Day plans after the fact to keep the suspense in my Household! 





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