February Product Review

Written by Miaisha Peoples, February 18, 2016

What’s up my PEEPS?  Today your girl Pretty Girl Peeps is back and I am coming to you with a quick and dirty product review on some beauty products I have purchased between Christmas and mid February. Some of these products I purchase on a whim and others I was peer pressured through YOUTUBE AND ADS lol! ‘m going to keep it real with you at all times and tell you my true thoughts and make sure you are informed about the pros and cons. In today’s beauty market it seems everything is good for everyone and we know that’s not the truth! So here I am here to give you my unsolicited thoughts on these products as well as some tips on how they might best be used by you or someone you may want to gift these products to.  I go with more drug store brand products more often than not although I do also use MAC, Smashbox, Urban Decay, and other major cosmetics brands at times. I normally prefer drugstore brand so that’s what I’ll be reviewing today. I used Ulta as a price point but most of these products can also be found at Target, CVS, and Walgreens to name a few places.

So without further ado I’ll get started!

Nivea In-Shower Smoothing  Lotion (13.5 oz)


  • This retails at $7.99 at Ulta 


  1.  Smooths skin
  2. Can moisturize in shower
  3. Saves time in the morning
  4.  Softens skin to the touch


  1.  Somewhat messy application
  2. Possibility to slip if it gets on the bottom of the tub


  • This version is specifically for dry skin and has Shea butter, however, they have one for normal skin as well. This was my first time buying anything Nivea so I was a little nervous.  Let me just tell you I will purchase this again and again after buying it this time. It has worked wonders on  my dry skin this winter and I love that I can use it in the shower and dry off and not have to be cold while applying my lotion lol! It definitely makes my skin silky smooth and it smells great! The only con of this product is it can make the bottom of the shower or tub slippery. The bottle does come with this warning but I know we often don’t look at labels before we use products sometimes!  So if you use this product make sure to thoroughly rinse off of your body but also off of the bottom of the shower for safety purposes. I definitely think it is worth the price for the convenience and the results you get from the softness of your skin after using for at least one week alone.



Elf Illuminating Palette

  • Retails at Meijers  for about $6.00 ( I can’t find it anywhere anymore and for good reason I’m thinking) 


  1. Shimmery Colors


  1. Lack of colors for darker complexions
  2. Too cakey and chalky
  3. Too many applications to show up


  • So if you know me you know I love ELF! But I HATED this product! The color payout was horrible and the colors included in the product did not seem friendly for medium to dark complexions. Just to get a little color to show you had to apply over and over again 🙁 . And once applied it looked chalky and caked up on my skin. I would personally not recommend this product for anyone who has dry skin like me honestly. If you have oily skin you may enjoy this product after a few applications but other than that I say no to this product. It was honestly a waste of my money sadly and  I may use the colors as eye shadow but that will be it. Try at your own risk 🙁


NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator (0.6 fl oz)


  • Retails at Ulta for $7.49 


  1. Liquid Product
  2. Easy Application
  3. Sheer Consistency
  4.  Rich color payout
  5. All day natural glow


  1. Small bottle
  2. Hard to decide which color to choose
  • Love it so much! The glow it gives it amazing! I purchased in the color Pure Gold! But it comes in 3 other shades as well. I pondered getting the Sunbeam color as well, but will wait until this shade is done for. This definitely gives you a wonderful and healthy looking glow without going overboard. It is lightweight and easy to apply with your fingers or with a beauty blender. I love anything liquid so I am here for this Illuminator 100%! lol Its sheer enough to where it won’t hurt the oily faced ladies too much either so I’m loving that! Only con is that the bottle to me is smaller and I’m not sure how long it will last if you use it too often!




NYX Hydra Touch Primer (1.05 oz)


  • Retails at Ulta for $13.99


  1. Smells awesome
  2. Has a lot of natural ingredients that are good for you
  3. Smooth finish if used after moisturizer


  1. Don’t think you can use it without applying moisturizer first
  2. You need to use a lot it seems


  • I like this primer wouldn’t say its my favorite but I definitely have enjoyed using it! I like the fact that it smells great and the formula includes chamomile, green tea and ginseng root extract as well. I like applying this after my moisturizer and it makes my face feel so refreshed and smooth. I think I would purchase it again. This is especially good for those who could use more moisture in the winter time when our face tends to dry out more. I don’t really have huge pores so I can’t speak to that part of the product but it does give my skin a smooth base to start with before applying foundation.  I like the small compact bottle of the primer and the way it squeezes out small amounts for even application. The price is a little pricey if you compare it to ELF or some of the other drug store brands but it is in the same family as say SMASHBOX which is my all-time favorite primer.


NYX Face & Body Glitter (0.08 oz)


  • Retails at $5.99


  1. Good color selection
  2. Good color payout
  3. Somewhat easy to apply with glitter glue


  1. Messy
  2. Hard to take off at night
  3. Shaker makes for easy spilling


  • So I have used glitter in the past and haven’t liked it. I’m still on the fence with whether or not I like this glitter but it was apart of a sale Ulta had when it first came out so I decided to try it out. It doesn’t have as much fallout as some of the glitter products I have tried in the past but it still does have some which is why I’m still on the fence. I purchased this product in the color Rose which is a purple with a pink tint to it. I still want to try out a gold and silver because that’s what I would personally use if I was to glam it up with makeup. I think this is nice if glitter is your thing but it isn’t mines so its more time consuming than its worth applying and taking off at night. The color is definitely pigmented after a full application or two. I applied this with the elf glitter glue but NYX does carry their own version as well. I would suggest maybe putting a shield or tape under your eye to eliminate as much fallout as possible.


NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (0.13 oz)


  • Retails at $6.99 at Ulta 


  1.  Great color payout
  2.  Large color selection
  3. Easy application
  4. Long lasting
  5. Looks great with liner


  1.  Can be a little drying if you don’t prep
  2.  Colors look a little different on than in the bottle to me


  • If you struggle with applying lipstick which I sometimes do then you should try this liquid lipstick. It is easy to apply and stays put most of the day with proper application and lip lining if you desire. The color payout is really rich to me so I love it! Since I like it so much I purchased this product in 3 colors Cherry Skies, Stone Fox, and Sandstorm. So I will speak individually about each color as well and show you some photos as well. Cherry Skies is a really pretty burgundy that could almost pass a red with its vibrancy and I think it would flatter most skins tones. Sandstorm is a true to color nude that can also moonlight as a light pink depending on the color liner you use, and this too would flatter most skin tones. Stone Fox beware…..this is a grey that almost can look blue in some instances this color is not for the timid it is for the brave lol! I think once the summer hits I will purchase a few more vibrant colors like pink and purple :-)! I say give it a try in at least one color but remember even though it is liquid it can be drying so make sure you prep your lips before application. And when I say prep your lips this simply means making sure they are exfoliated and you have put some form of moisturizer on them ( i.e. lipbalm or good old fashioned Vaseline.)

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation (1.0 oz)


  • Retails at $10.99 at Ulta 


  1.  Easy Application
  2. Gel texture
  3.  Hydrates and mattifies
  4.  Gives smooth coverage


  1. Not a large color collection
  2.  Need more than one application


  • So when I heard hydrating as a dry faced girl, I got super amped. But then I heard Matte and got really nervous like how does this work how do these 2 co-exist lol! But I thought to myself why not give it a try and I did in the color Caramel. I must warn you there isn’t a huge selection for the darker skinned complexions as Caramel is the second to last then your only option is Coconut :-(! Alot of drugstore don’t have all of the colors at the end of the spectrum but thats another story ( extreme side-eye) ! So I’m still figuring out if I like it a little bit or a lot. I know for sure I like the gel formula a lot its easy to glide on and apply with a stifle brush or a beauty blender. This is a medium coverage foundation but I would say you definitely need about 2 coats if you really want coverage for an event or pictures. If you are going for an everyday look , depending on how much skin you want/need covered you may be able to get way with one coat of the product. It does feel really hydrating on your skin while still leaving you with a smooth matte finish. It says its for normal to combo skin but I think dry skinned girls with proper primer could get away with enjoying this as well as I have. Oily girls, I would tread with caution as it does give the T-Zone a slight appearance of shine. A con is definitely  the price for the small amount of product.
Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation in Color 92 “Caramel”

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Fix Setting Plus Perfecting Loose Powder ( 0.21 oz)


  • Retails at Ulta for $9.99


  1. Sets and blurs at the same time
  2. Somewhat easy application
  3. Doesn’t crease
  4. No flashback if you brush off with another powder
  5. Translucent


  1. Messy packaging
  2. Can cause flashback or white cast


  • This is a micro-fine translucent powder  that sets and creates a blurring affect where you choose to set. I can’t lie when I applied this and did the baking method over my concealer the first time with a flash there was a white cast. However, when I wiped the powder away with my regular brown setting powder there was no cast to be found. I really love the blurring effect that this product has on my face it makes it look so flawless and it doesn’t cause creasing which I definitely love. This product is slightly messy so be aware you can only shake it out on one end so it tends to fly a little bit wasting valuable product lol! I would apply this with a fluffy brush or a beauty blender or other soft applicator you have on hand. It doesn’t come out in a heavy amount at first so make sure you pace yourself while applying and don’t let it fool you if it doesn’t shake out at first lol!


So this concludes my February Product Review! If you have any questions or want me to do a video on any of these products specifically please comment below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you again my PEEPS for checking out this blog! I appreciate your love and support! 
















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