Wedding Planning Journey: Month #9-#7

Written by Miaisha Peoples, Feb. 18 2016

SO as some of you may know and some may not I am getting married this Fall to the love of my life. Before I go any further let me share some pictures from the engagement. If people are interested I can make a blog about the engagement story as well and some of the things that we did on the road to engagement that were helpful and some things that I wish we would have done differently. But for now I’ll just share some pretty pictures :-D!





Now back to my story about planning this here wedding. I decided to take on the role of wedding planner on my own and simply only have a day of coordinator to help save some of the expenses to pay for other things that we deem valuable for our special day. I also have did a lot of things I never thought I would be able to DIY with the help of Pintrest and YouTube.  Let’s just say it has been a journey and I am glad to have people on my team who love and support us both but its still a hard process. Although the process has lightened as time has gone on and more people have volunteered to help it does sometimes get overwhelming. Thank God for family, good friends, the best bridal party a girl could ever ask for, WeddingWire and my handy dandy David Tutera wedding planning book. And Pintrest here is my board tagged here 🙂!



I know a lot of people have recently gotten engaged or will get engaged in the next few months, so I wanted to document my journey in regards to wedding planning. I haven’t been keeping track the way I should of everything so I’m posting month #9 a little late with months 8 and 7 included. I will more than likely do another video at the following marks: 5 months to go, 3 months to go, and 1 month to go! I may or may not include the bridal activities like the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party. Of course month #9 isn’t the start of the journey but its the start of the documentation and I plan to go all the way to a few days before the wedding in September, so I am so lucky to have all of PEEPS PEEPS ( You know ya’ll all my PEEPS now whether you like it or not lmao) take this journey with me.

In these videos I will talk about my personal journey and some tips and tidbits that have helped as well as some hurdles we have faced with planning a big wedding on a smaller budget. We originally were going to get married about a year and a half after our engagement but then decided to push it out to 2 years and boy am I glad we did that lol! ( I will asl My fiance will also stick his head in on a few videos to give the male perspective and viewpoint because trust me the way they see weddings is totally different that women! In these videos/blogs I will discuss picking out a venue all the way to shopping for wedding accessories for less and creating a budget that works for you and your fiance.

So this just isn’t for people who are already engaged in the process of planning its also for people seriously dating or who want to enter the event planning industry to give you some things to think about and consider when planning or help anyone plan. So if you are just interested in wedding planning, want to hear more about my wedding planning journey, want some tips for your future big day, are a man considering popping the big question to your lady or you are in a supportive role in some one else’s wedding then look no further and watch the video below. Please comment your thoughts below or any questions you want me to answer that I didn’t in my next journey video.



My Wedding Planning Journey: Vol 1


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