Written by Miaisha Peoples March 2016

Let me let you in on a little secret to some and an insight into who I am for others. I am in love with….food! You guessed and you were right, right? Well either way the point still stands the same, I love good food and drool over excellent customer service. Which is what leads me to write this review on the The Block located in Midtown Detroit. Coined as a Neighborhood Bar and Grill established in 2015, their mantra is Drink. Eat. Good Time. And I can honestly say they hit the nail on the head with this one because that was our exact experience at the Block.

I was supposed to meet up with my sorority sisters end of last year to try this place out for the first time and I couldn’t make it on that occasion. So then I saw a groupon for a really good deal on this restaurant and decided that I wanted to make it apart of my Valentine’s Day plans for my fiance. So I purchased the groupon and called to make the reservation for the start of the love holiday weekend. The Friday we intended to go, it happened to snow like crazy and we both decided it was best if we cancel the reservation and go somewhere more local to our home. So I was pretty sad about it and I thought to myself 1) I don’t want to waste a groupon and 2) I really wanted to try this food and got let down for a second time. So fast forward to the next weekend, I had my fiance make the reservations this time  for our routine Friday night date night and we decided we were going no matter what lol 🙂 !

So we travel to Midtown Detroit, and we spot the restaurant and the particular parking garage we were told to park in when we called to make reservations. Upon parking, the attendant told us since we were eating at the Block our parking was free ( it gets validated inside) instead of the $10 required for parking. Can we talk about score!!!! So we park and we walk through the tunnel to get to the other side and we walk in and instantly we get greeted with one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. The young lady senses that we are the couple that called and said we were running late and jokes with us for a second before seating us. We can already tell its going to be a great date night at this point.

As we sit down, we see so many people eating various meals that look to die for and we get super excited to order. We also noted that all the old school jams were blaring at a decent volume over the speakers, which helped set the mood for the night. Our waitress comes over and introduces herself with the most positive attitude I’ve seen at a restaurant in a while ( thumbs up to good customer service). She asks about drinks and gives us some options that fit into our deal with the groupon and are pretty reasonably priced as well. I order the well rum with pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine, which tastes wonderful almost like a Pineapple upside down cake, super yummy. Darian (my fiance) orders a beer that is ever so politely named “Norm’s Raggedy Ass” lol.  He says it was good but pretty strong at the same time. We share a few laughs and order our appetizer and entrees at the same time because now the fumes from all the food is starting to smell too darn good for us to wait a second longer.

For our appetizer we order the Alfredo Twice Baked Potato Skins, and boy were they delicious. A woman who was walking by literally stared at our plates for a minute or so before asking ” What are those? They look amazing, I should have tried those too !”  I kid you not that’s how warm and gooey those mounds of potatoey goodness looked. In regards to taste, my only con is I wish it would have came with way more bacon and green onions since those are my favorites with potatoes but that’s just my personal preference. For our meal we both go with chicken as our selection. I opt for the Block Alfredo Mac n’ Cheese which is creamy and full of melted cheese and grilled chicken. My only issues with the meal were I wish it again had more bacon and the chicken was just a tad bit more tender and the chunks not as big ( I expected the chicken to be cut up a little bit more, but again personal preference). Darian ordered the Loaded Chicken which is a grilled chicken breast with sauce, cheese, bacon, green onions, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Darian really liked his meal and almost devoured it instantly.


After paying for our meal, the hostess came over and asked us how everything was for our first time there and we told her awesome. She told me her first name and I remembered from speaking on the phone with her that we share the name Miaisha ( its her middle name exact spelling and everything). We talked for a while and found out she was getting married this year too and she gave us some cool history on the restaurant including the fact that it is African American owned which made us feel even better about supporting. Lastly, the finishing touch that I think hooked me as a customer is when she literally walked us half way to the parking structure to make sure our parking got validated and to tell us about all of the happy hour specials that came save us money. For the win! Overall other than the small things like bacon, I would definitely give the meal and service a huge thumbs up. I am certain we will support this business again and again. I suggest checking  out the Block if you are in the area and would like to try something new, make sure you check for any groupon deals if you plan on going so you can try more than one option out. Thanks for reading about my experience at the Block in Midtown Detroit. Let me know what your thoughts are! Here is a link to the website:




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