Written by Miaisha Peoples, March 13, 2016

Join me for a moment as I open up about a topic people have always asked me about and I have finally decided to address. All of this is from my personal experience and therefore my opinion. I, Miaisha Rashon Peoples was born in Flint, MI at Hurley Hospital at 9:02 p.m. to Annie Peoples and Richard Peoples(R.I.H) on March 17, 1987. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved a good celebration and the opportunity to eat cake. Being born on St. Patricks Day, I was always known by friends and classmates as the  holiday baby. For years I loved this and thought it was the coolest thing ever, until I got older which I’ll go into more detail a little later lol! In my family, birthdays and any occasion where you can see or talk to your loved ones was always a big deal. Now that I think about it, my family is where I indirectly get my over excitement in regards to my birthday from. There was not a birthday where my mom did not have me and my siblings call my grandmother( or any other older family member for that matter) and wish her happy birthday after sending her a special card as well. Once we would go to Alabama, I would feel like such a big deal because my card made the cut and was hung alongside the other beautiful cards my grandmother would receive for her birthday. It was at that time I created the thought in my mind that even the most special people who make other people feel special all the time deserve to be treated even more special on their birthday. To me, the birthday of your friends and family constitute the day that God decided to gift you and the world with the presence of this person and all that they bring to your life.

Which brings me to the focal point of what I want to write about today, why my personal birthday has always been so special to me. For starters as a person who does so much to celebrate others and for others, it’s the one day out of the year I am sure to be thought of as first not only by those close to me but by my darn self as well. I get to dress up, do what I deem as fun, and do it with the people I love it is bliss for a giver such as myself. Think about it how wonderful is it that your phone blows up for the day and you get told all those things that people have been saving up for a whole year that are so sweet and speak to your spirit/personality. You get free food from your favorite places to eat and the drinks are flowing and on everyone else for the day. Sounds like a complete win especially if your birthday is on the biggest drinking holiday of the year, right? Well somewhat lol! Imagine most of your birthdays most people not wanting to get their drink on with you but out drink you lol! Most people are  coming to your events intoxicated from bar hopping or not coming at all because they need to bar hop. I am by no way complaining because I still appreciate all the people who do celebrate with me celebrating with me, I promise I do. I just wanted to give a different perspective for those who may choose to think its the coolest thing ever lol! Now I will say on the flip side the drinks do flow from everyone and anybody who hears it is your birthday so that’s a big plus.

Because I don’t require much from those I love when I ask people to celebrate my birthday with me, it is important to me or at least it was. The last 3 or 4 birthdays I dealt with being disappointed with people not coming to support me and decided to do something different this year. I decided that my fiance and I would go out of town and then I wouldn’t have to deal with people telling me no or worse not saying anything at all lol! So those plans fell through and I decided that if its literally just me and my fiance I will still have the best darn birthday ever like I normally always do. So I got to planning and I am finally excited about my plans because they are what I want to do and I get to celebrate MYSELF :-D! Self-love is beautiful because if no one else celebrates you; you know you are your own cheerleader and will hype yourself up. It took me a while to get to this point but boy can I say I’m glad I’ve figured it out before my next chapter (my wedding and then right after my 30th). So I have sent the invites out for my 29 and FINE( baby girl will be super fine this year) celebration activities and I am prepared and totally ok with everyone I invited coming or just a few people as well. However, I am going to post about myself, I am going to dance until I can’t dance anymore, SCREAM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF, give the gift I give others so often( my time and love), and I am going to love me a little bit harder as I turn a year older and a year wiser. People always say give people their flowers while they are here and I am a FIRM believer in this, which is why I celebrate those I love so often and no matter how sappy or crazy people think I am I will always do so. So if you love me, feel free to give me my flowers any day of the year but just know it is always  extra special for a gal like me to hear it and see it on my birthday.

I will be posting a video highlighting my actual birthday this year. But here are some pictures from a few of my past birthdays. Disclaimer I was young in a lot of these pictures so please don’t judge me or my fashion choices lol! Enjoy and leave any thoughts or comments on the topic of celebrating you and your birthday!!






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