Confessions of An Anxious Bride

Written by Miaisha Peoples , 8-17-16

Well here is almost exactly a month away from my wedding to the love of my life and I’m finally posting about the wedding again. But why did it take so long you might ask? The answer all though it be a simple one is doing too much and thinking about too much! As a bride who is planning her own wedding, I’m overly anxious by nature but the wedding planning has kicked it up a knob or 2 or 3 but whose counting. Being the planner and the bride, I’ve really missed out on a lot of the excitement and enjoyment that goes into getting married & I recently decided that that will NOT continue to happen. Since I am a control freak, it’s very hard to let go and to let people help me so I’ve done most things on my own or with minimal help. As an anxious bride, you over-think, analyze and self criticize EVERYTHING! You wonder about the color choices, the invitations, if anyone got left out, how much money you are going to save vs. how much you want to splurge, and everything else under the sun daily. As you can imagine, that gets really overwhelming and stressful really quick which can affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically of course as well.  I finally had to realize that I needed to step away and take a break a few weeks ago. Now most of  all the hard stuff is out of the way or in its final stages so I feel like I can rest and breathe easy the next 30 days or so lol!  But with my pre-wedding day events fastly approaching I decided that I wanted to put you guys in the loop and let you know that I will be back and I will do a full video and blog once the wedding is over. The video will go over all the topics that I wanted to cover month by  month but didn’t as well as some in-depth DIY tips. I did a video for 6 months that I never promoted that I will post below for your future viewing pleasure. I plan on vlogging/blogging about my bridal shower and my bachlorette party adventures as well so be on the lookout for that very soon! I’m so excited that I am finally kicking back and enjoying getting ready for my special day as it will only come once in a lifetime. I can’t wait to share all that went into planning and the outcome with all of my PEEPS! But in the meantime please enjoy this late actually super late video from Month 6 of planning! CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO WEDDING PLANNING VOL. 2  Talk to you soon!


OH AND IF YOU’RE AN ANXIOUS BRIDE TOO! Try some of these things out

+ Breathe

+ Take Breaks

+ Ask for and take help

+ Remember what the day is about you and the love of your life

+Pick a designated day to work on wedding things

+ Get some un-wedding related solo and date time in

+ Meet with friends to talk about anything other than the wedding




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