#TBT My 30th Birthday Month

Written June 2017 by PrettyGirlPeeps


Hey My Peeps! I am so sorry to have kept you all waiting for so long 6 months to be exact. So much has changed and happened over the course of the time including but not limited to: rebranding, getting a new logo, winning an award at work and yes yes the reason for the post today….turning the big 3-0! I turned 30 in March so this is a little late…but good things take time right? Right? SO here goes I am going to try to remember and recollect as much as possible and give the deets in a method that makes sense so lets get started. *Sidenote all of the pictures are in video form at the bottom of the post*

So towards the start of the month, I started thinking about outfits and how I wanted to wear my hair and of course planning my infamous yearly birthday trip to Chicago to bar hop and see the river turn green. I’ll touch on that some more later on in the post. I also made a really cute invitation( see video below) and started letting people know about my 80s/Different World #PeepsDifferent30 party which was to take place on my official birthday. I had been planning this in my head for month’s since the anniversary of the show coincided with my actual 30th birthday. Super cool right, so I knew I wanted to be Whitley Gilbert but with a twist and my husband/love of my life he of course had to be Dwayne Wayne. I loved the Hillman crew and knew this would be fun and nostalgic for all involved.

Once the preliminaries were taken care of it was time to get things together to hit the road for the Annual Chicago pre-birthday trip with hubby. We were super hype as this was our first road trip as husband and wife. But of course before we could hit 94 we had to go through a struggle at Enterprise with the car rental lol! My life is always a movie and this time would be no different. Once we got to the counter I was informed that I would have to prove who I was via marriage license since all of my information is not in my new name yet, but my drivers license is…touche lol! Ran back home brought it back and we were all set! So we set out on the road with Pretty Girls Love Trap Music as the soundtrack for the next 3 to 4 hours of travel time. Once we finally got there we checked into the Hyatt Regency and rested for a second before getting dressed for dinner. For dinner, my husband took me to one of my favorite restaurants and a must for us every visit which is Grand Luxe Cafe. We were accompanied for dinner by one of our favorite married  couples the Franklins ( Mo & Alvin) and three of my beautiful Stanton cousins Renee, Tanya, and LaKeisha 🙂 Dinner was super good and a great time for family and fellowship. So after Dinner, we left my cousins to go with the Franklins to check out a Jamaican night club we heard great things about called Wild Hare. We parked in a weird parking garage that was attached to Home Depot and wondered if this was a sign of the night lol! It wasn’t we winded up having a super awesome time at the club as it reminded us alot of our Jamaica honeymoon vibe and trip 🙂 Fast forward to the next day where we met up with the Franklins and the Fields ( Mike & Rhonda) and walked to go hop some bars! You can not be in CHicago for Pre-St. Patricks Day shenanigans and not bar hop it is just a no ….trust me on this! Sidebar we took our first Lyft ride ever to meet up with them and my husband was nervous because we’ve never done it lol! So we found our first bar had a few drinks and headed to the next Wabash Bar! We shot a few games of pool and our great friends ( really family) Emir & Candace joined us for the day of fun! SO we heard about a really fun day party on the other side of town so we hopped in 2 ubers and made our way there! LISTEN when I tell you this DAY PARTY was a lituation from great music and food to bottle service at the table for most of the duration. Let’s just say when it was over we were all pooped. Some how we made it to Harold’s Chicken near  our hotel and passed out soon thereafter lol! Our plans to turn up that night were quickly turned into a turn down!

So on our last day in Chicago, the biggest thing I wanted to do was go to the Sugar Factory I just knew it was going to be hype and I just knew I had to try it lol! I also heard a lot of good things about Batter & Berries so to Batter & Berries we went with Emir & Candace! Black owned and they tell jokes at the table. I had a french toast flight with various flavors and lamb chops with hashbrowns and eggs scrambled with gouda and baby it was heaven! Thanks Josh for the recommendation, if you’re ever in Chicago you have to go! After this me and Candace thought about possibly getting tattoed at 9 Mag by someone but they were super booked of course. So we hightailed it to Water Tower Plaza did some shopping and ended up at the Sugar Factory! I got a huge 40 oz drink to share with my hubby pictures below and it was great! Our service not so much from the waitress, but the manager was a gem and made all well again. This was the end of our Chicago trip! Can’t wait for next year!

Now for my actual birthday I was sick to my stomach most of the day! But thanks to some verners and some friends calming me down the day got better. So for my party we went to Lucky Strikes in Novi first and ate food and had some delicious Superman Cheesecake from the Cheesecake King gifted by my good friend Dani! SO 2 weeks before my bday we previewed the club Staying Alive right and they played great 80s/90s/00 music mostly urban! The night of this did not happen and it really ticked me off! There customer service sucked and I probably will never go back! However, I enjoyed my friends and family who came out to support me and my special day! It was super cool to see everyone in their 80s gear and some even in character from the Different World Series.  They made a night that could have sucked still be an amazing #PeepsDifferent30 party! My hair ( Outre Peruvian Quick Weave) and makeup I did myself)! Jumpsuit and shoes were from Fashion Nova, purse from Charming Charlies, shades from Aldo, earrings from the Beauty Supply and Necklace from Charlotte Russe!SO that’s that part see the pictures below! 2 days after my birthday, my friend Lesley, Chop, and Dani loaded up and took several cases of water to my hometown of Flint, Mi which is suffering from a Water Crisis as a birthday gift request I had this year. It was nice to give back and also show my friends where I am from!

And to end the month, I was brave and decided to go ahead learn how to use a drill and made my own DIY vanity set and get my first tattoo! Overall, my 30th birthday month was amazing and it really made realize that I have to hit the ground and my path to my dreams running! So far I am loving my 30s and I’m going to give them all I’ve got :-)!

( A lot of things discussed in the post can be found in this video! There were so many pictures and videos I decided to compile it into a video!) I did not post every single video or picture but I did post quite a bit!

Video Link Here: #PeepsDifferent30


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  1. #LoveIt great post. Wish I could have done the sugar factory with u. Despite Staying Alive that night we had a blast with everyone. It was dope seeing everyone #RolePlay & the cheesecake was superb!

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