#HowWeBrunch Hennessy Event

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps 6/11/17

As an up and coming socialite, I try to make sure I find out about new events and also support people who put on said good events. With the Hennessy VSOP sponsored “#HowWeBrunch” Private Event on 6/4/17 in Ferndale, MI at Bosco Lounge I was able to do both thanks to @teambravoevents. When I found out about the event through the @teambravoevents instagram page, I instantly reached out and saught how I could be apart and put this event on my summer calendar. The post didn’t have much information except that it was slated to be a celebration of National Cognac Day ( I’ve always been a rum & tequila girl, but I married into the Cognac family during my engagement period to my current husband lol)  I was greeted with a warm DM (Direct Message) with direct instructions on how to make this happen for me! Once I got the detailed instructions out of the way, I decided who would make the most sense to be my plus one and I immediately thought of my husband an up and coming entrepreneur/ personal fitness trainer @dm_and_co_! I told him about the event and we made plans to make a day date of it!


So once I got the confirmation of the details of the event, which included a flier that said the Event was to feature guest DJ Drama 0_0, it was on! So I felt like the wife of the year for putting my husband into the mix with both a private brunch with Hennessy drinks and the potential to meet DJ Drama. So once we got our RSVP for the private event, it was simply a point of making sure we didn’t have other plans and we didn’t so it was a go!


So the day of the event, we arrived maybe about an hour past start time because we were really hungry but running a little late. Once we got there, we were checked off of the guest list and immediately greeted by beautiful models with cups of Hennessy. There was a huge Hennessy backdrop that made for a great photo opportunity for all of the socialites, promoters, marketers, and movers and shakers in the metro Detroit area who made their way to the event. I met the young lady responsible for the Marketing of the Hennessy branded events…I believe her name was Summer and MAN was she on it! She flawlessly executed everything from keeping the drinks flowing to making sure her and the models captured guests in their best moments of the day party/networking event. Her and BravoSayz and his team really were very professional the entire time, so once she complimented me on my beautiful highlight, I had to slide her a few of my business cards! So once we got our photo picture taking done for the evening, we were seated at a table with a beautiful small and dainty floral arraignment and a reserved sign. The models approached us at the table and offered us Hennessy mixed cocktails and Hennessy branded laptop covers, which was very cool! My husband and I decided it was time to go ahead and eat, because the food at Bosco smelled Delicious. Our waitress was amazing and helped us pick out some good items from the menu that were pretty fulfilling. I partaked in the Chicken & Waffles with a Strawberry Waffle and My Husband got the Tex Mex Hashbrown Platter, both were great choices and kept us full during the duration of the party.

As the day proceeded the DJ played some great records that were the perfect blend of 90s/00s music with some new age mixed in with a smooth edge. The vibe was amazing and everyone was looking good and smiling even brighter with cognac flowing from their cups courtesy of Hennessy VSOP-Detroit and @teambravoevents! On the way out we were sure to use the instant GIF creater machine in front of the Hennessy Backdrop and it was super fun! DJ Drama wasn’t there by the time we left the event, so we were slightly disappointed by that, but we had an awesome time even without that meeting! So overall, the event was wonderful, and I am grateful to Hennessy VSOP and @teambravoevents for their great #HowWeBrunch function! If you’re not already following @teambravoevents make sure you follow asap, I just recently scored free tickets to a private screening of “All Eyez on Me” next week as well! The Summer is a time for enjoying the sun and magical vibes that follow you everywhere you go. What’s your favorite summer cocktail that gets you in the mindset…..like yea summer is here? Mines is freshness like the Strawberry Mimosa I had at the #HowWeBrunch Event or a Moscow Mule served fresh and chilled. I can’t wait to hear about yours 🙂


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