June Product Review

Written 7/6/17 ( Posted Late Sorry)

Hey my Peeps! It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review on here and seeing as how I tried a lot of new products in the month of June! I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you guys what I loved and what I won’t be purchasing again.

Here is a sneak peek at the items!



So to get started I’m going to start with my absolute favorite new foundation which is the new Covergirl Vitalist Elixir!


This foundation is a genie in a bottle literally! It keeps your skin so fresh and glowy easily and even though the coverage is medium to full it looks super sheer on your face. Covergirl did their thing with this one right here not going to even hold you up! Vitamin infused, SPF included, sign me up! The only downside is the shade selection. Even though I settled at Classic Tan there are a lot of shades that just aren’t available and that’s just not cool Covergirl!

Here is a look with the foundation on:



While we are on the topic of foundations, let’s get to one I absolutely hated the new LA Girl HD Foundation.


There are so many things I can point out about why this just isn’t and will more than likely never be my favorite foundation. It was tacky when you apply but drying when you put on with and without a primer I was just honestly over this one and not ashamed to say it lol!  I tried it with different moisturizers and it just wasn’t my bag. I was hoping it was similar to Makeup Forever’s HD foundation but it unfortunately was not. It’s not for me and I would not recommend. Shoot your shot but I wish I could get my money back on this one! I bought it at the hair store but it’s available online as well.

Here is an example with it on:



New Ardell Lashes I hadn’t tried yet..

Ardell Studio Effects Demi Wispies – Easy slam dunk every time.

Ardell Faux Mink #812- They were cool, not sure if I would get them again!

Ardell Faux Mink-#810 Def One of My Favs & It’s my city’s area code

Ardell Studio Effects #105-Loved them!

Here are some examples of the lashes in order of appearance:


NYX Photo Loving Primer

Still getting used to it. I do think it is comparable to Smashbox Photo Finish and is a dupe but Smashbox is still a few miles away. If you’re on a budget, I think it will definitely do the job. If you want a more matte look mix with a mattifying primer. I do think I’ll continue to use it until it runs out and keep my Smashbox on reserve for more special occasions!



ColourPop Products:


Kai Lip Pencil-A Karruche and ColourPop Collab the perfect dark brown lip pencil for any occasion.

I also got the Raye Kit from the It’smyrayeraye X ColourPop before it ran out and here are my thoughts!

Stingraye Matte Lipstick- I love it! I love it! It’s what I have on in the featured picture and it is one of my favorites for certain.

Here is an example with it on:


Rayezor Lip Pencil-Not quite my favorite as the color is a little too pink for me in comparison to its more coral lippie stick counterpart.

Rayezor Lippie Stick-One of my definite favorites. I love the orange nude vibe that it has going on and it feels super moisturizing on the lips.

Here is an example with it on:



Brown N Black Eyebrow Pencil- So I always talk about how I struggle with my brows BUT, this is MY go to brow pencil at the moment and for only $5 #issasteal.

Also, check out my product review on My House of Flowers which I have a 10% discount code: PrettyGirlPeeps

Video found here:



Thanks for checking out my review! Be on the lookout for more blog content soon!









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