The First #PGPcontest/Style Consultations Defined :-)

Written by Miaisha Miller

Style Consultations…or Image Consultations help the client bring out their personal style and if you’re working with PrettyGirlPeeps you’ll do this on a budget and you’ll save on time as well.

When I started doing the consultations( I do both fashion and makeup) , I knew I wanted to make sure people were fly but also saving on some money. Clients can either choose to go shopping for makeup or for fashion as well! So when I decided to do my first contest as PrettyGirlPeeps ( I’d done them before with my other page and company) , I wanted to give people not only an experience but a gift card as well. So for my #pgpcontest, I decided I would pick a winner based on who reposted the post the most and who properly used the hashtags. Not only would the winner win a free consultation valued at $200, but they would also would win a $25 gift card to either H&M ( if they picked a fashion) or Ulta ( if they picked a makeup experience). The winner @xoxolondon picked the Fashion Package. Her package the Initial Styling Consultation Experience included the following;
-Assessment Creation and Analyzation
-Budget/Style Board Creation
-0.75 hours of Pre-Shopping
-2 Hours of Shopping Time
-Mini Review Session

So to get started with the process I sent Ciara an email with all of the information she would need before we got started with the consultation. Once that was sent and confirmed I sent Ciara the Style Assessment to fill out. The Style Assessment is something that each of my clients fills out based on their experience and need. After the Client fills out the assessment, I then take time and analyze the answers to retrieve information such as but not limited to sizes (skin type) , budget and their reasoning for the experience.

The next step is a little time consuming but so worth it and that is creating the budget and the visual style board. Using the answers from my analyzation. I then go into a shared application and create a style board featuring a large compilation of outfit/makeup ideas. Then I schedule a phone call with the client where I share the board and we navigate it together to narrow it down to our top choices which will help shape and cultivate the actual in person style/image consultation. For Ciara’s consultation, I went with looks that were within and outside of her comfort zone but maintained a theme of trendy and best for petite sizes. Ciara was mostly pleased with most of the offerings, and any ones she did not like we simply discarded from the board. Ciara still has access to this board should she ever need/want to look at the ideas. For the budget Ciara selected, we then discussed how many pieces we anticipated being able to buy based on these numbers. Seems easy right…..but sometimes this part can take days to get it just right for the particular client. We both left the conversation happy and ready for our style consultation. I normally allow each client the opportunity to bring one guest if they choose and she chose to bring her mom who is super cute 🙂 ! They both were  super friendly and happy to be working with me!



Then comes one of my and most of my client’s favorite part of the consultation….me the stylist doing what I do best Pre-Shopping! To break it down pre-shopping is simply me going to the stores at the mall or strip mall and searching for items that are similar to that of the style board we discussed and putting them behind the counter for the client. This is perfect for most client’s because it saves them time from having to sift from store to store looking at things. What it does give clients instead is more time to actually try on clothing and not feel rushed as we go to the various stores. Like imagine how much of a pleasure it is to walk into your favorite store and all the cute clothes that fit you are already put out to the side for YOU :-)! Can we say fab and fun experience…I think all I’m missing is some wine lol!

For Ciara, I chose 3 stores H&M since her gift card could be redeemed there, Express, and Windsor and we went to 12 Oaks Mall in Novi. With coupons, sales, and discounts we were able to keep Ciara just under her budget. She was able to get lots of items including dresses, shorts, shirts, rompers, and the cutest 2 piece jumpsuit with slits you’ve ever seen until now lol because I’m going to post a few pictures of course. She was a dream to work with and everything she tried on for the most part was amazing and if it wasn’t I as the stylist was open and honest with her as the client! Ciara and her mom were very pleased with her staying on budget and having a variety of items to choose from with her new wardrobe.

Here are a few of my favorite shots including the floral jumpsuit which is my favorite:



After the consultation we did a quick mini-review in which we went over the various items purchased together. During the review, we discuss various ways to style the outfits and also ways to either dress them up or down to get multiple usage out of the outfits. If you know me I’m fine and frugal and I love to make my money stretch so of course I want to the same and ensure the same for my clientele. I also asked Ciara a few questions about her fav and least fav parts of the consultations. Ciara was very insightful and candid about her consultation. I loved seeing her Instagram post which is the featured picture for this post ( Insert heart eye emojis now please and thank you 🙂 lol)


Even though Ciara was a free contest winning client, I still made sure to treat her like a regular client by way of giving her some business cards to give out ( receive credit towards other consultations) and also a short client experience survey.

Here were a few of my favorite quotes from her follow-up survey based on her experience.

“This was my first time doing a Fashion Consultation, I didn’t know what to expect. I felt more relaxed and comfortable after speaking with Miaisha (PrettyGirlPeeps) via phone and email. I really liked that she put together a fashion collage to really get a sense of my style. “-Ciara
” What I liked most about my experience was trying on different styles, textures, and colors that I wouldn’t usually try on by myself.”-Ciara
” I LOVED my Fashion Consultation! The only other small suggestion would be to tell others, if they would like to bring heels just to see how the outfit will look. P.s. I’m glad I bought those “Pink pants!”-Ciara 

Overall, I get such a grand satisfaction of providing my clients with a world class experience on all kinds of budgets for all shapes and sizes! Still not sure if you should book with me….Here are a few more quotes from another Client of mines named Lena:

“Overall my experience was exciting it took me out my comfort zone and try things I maybe to afraid to try. I liked the most being able to be open to new ideas. Best Experience Ever!” -Lena 

Hurry and book today ( while my Summer prices are in effect and also while I have my special July 50% off pricing. You can book in July and use up to October 🙂

Here is a quick run down of packages and pricing for the Summer 🙂
-Initial Styling/Image = Package ( Summer Price is $130, July price is $65)
* Includes Assessment, Style Board Creation, Pre-Shopping, 2 Hour Shopping Experience and Review
-Hey Girl Hey Package ( Summer Price is $80, July price is $40)

*( 0.5 Hour Pre-Shopping, 2 hours of Shopping Experience)

-It’s a Photoshoot ( Summer Price is $100, July price is $50)
*( 1 Hour Pre-Shopping, 2.5 Hours of Shopping Experience)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post 🙂


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