The Art of the Summer Happy Hour

Written by Pretty Girl Peeps

One of my favorite things to do in the summer hands down outside of spending time with my hubby is…..dun dunnnn dunn Happy Hour planning and execution :-)! So I decided to share some of my tips on making your Happy Hour date planning a little easier. So if you’re reading this you’re welcome 😉


  • Look into restaurants you already know and love most of them have very good happy hour pricing available that isn’t heavily advertised. Sometimes a simple visit to the website or their social media will do the trick.
  • MetroDetroitMix or your particular city’s event page and browse through local events and specials.
  • Check out the Facebook events page in your area and surrounding areas as well.
  • Ask Social Media for recommendations: Don’t sleep on asking your social network they often have the goods you are looking for socially…hence the social part of media lol!
  • Check instagram Hashtags in your area. Example: #detroithappyhour #metrodetroithappyhour



  • Decide whether you want a one-on-one happy hour date or if you want to make it a group outing the choice is definitely up to YOU! I like both depending on the occasion and whether or not I think personalities will mesh well.
  • Some good reasons to pick someone: Haven’t seen them in a while, want to network, you have had a long week/know they’ve had a long week, someone whose brain you want to pick or you know they have a wedding coming up or they are a business owner and stressed to the max ( trust me it’s stressful lol)!
  • Reach out to said person and see what their availability is like!



  • Pick a day and time that works for both or all of you if it’s a group outing!
  • Be sure to put the date in your physical calendar and also add it to your google calendar and send your happy hour partner an invite. This will help you both remember especially if you set a day of or before reminder on your cellular device.
  • Always remember to keep traffic and distance in mind. Most happy hours are right after work, so middle ground distances are normally best to ensure neither party is rushing to get to the destination.
  • The best dates are Tuesdays, Thursdays and if you’re brave enough to possibly have to fight for seating but love a good social crowd you may even want to pick a Friday. I’m all for a good Friday after work happy hour turn up personally!
  • Try to maintain your time and date, but if you can’t make it or will be late please let your happy hour partner know in enough time before they arrive.



  • Decide how much you want to spend at happy hour. This may seem like common sense but once the drinks start flowing you risk over drinking and over paying what you expect. If you decide what you want to spend ahead of time, you can save yourself the sad face when you check your bank account the next week lol!
  • Stay within your budget and be ok with that! Don’t overspend to impress your friends because if they’re your friends they don’t need all that ….trust me. Your company is enough.
  • Extra tip: If you are treating, keep in mind you’ll need to budget for yourself and whomever you are deciding to pay for.


  • RELAX & ENJOY! Let your hair down and have a good time!
  • Keep the conversation light!
  • Get a table by a window or even outside!
  • Soak up the vibes and the energy 🙂
  • Try a new food or a new drink. Happy Hour specials are normally anywhere from 30-50% off now is the time to try something you normally wouldn’t and not feel bad for it!


Some of my personal Favorite Happy Hour Date Spots in Metro Detroit are but not limited to: The Block, Bahama Breeze, Bar Louie, Heyden’s, Los Amigos, Chillis, and Bravo! What are some of your favorite happy hour spots?



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