July/August Product Review

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

Hi you guys! It’s your girl PrettyGirlPeeps! Back to do a quick Product Review with some products I’ve used in the months of July and August! There are quite a bit to go through as I’ve received a lot of Ulta coupons ( s/o to Ulta) and was able to do a little stocking up.

So let’s go ahead and Get started!



I ordered the Star Glue Lash Adhesive in Dark from Amazon Prime after seeing a few You Tubers review the product and say how strong and good it was. So needless to say I was super excited when it arrived to my house. Upon opening the glue it spilled out very rapidly, but I thought maybe it’s just the initial opening and continued on! However, when I tried to use it it didn’t get tacky, was very runny and I had to use my old lash glue anyway. I was able to get a refund through Amazon thankfully but I would not recommend this to anyone. Reason being is I saw another review a few days before I sent my complain on saying the same exact thing. So maybe this current batch is defective so I would wait it out a few months before trying this if I was you. I just bought a new lash adhesive to try so I will let you know if I like this one on the next go round!




I can’t speak highly enough for this primer. It has so much illumination and really smooths out the face and doesn’t have a tacky feeling on your face. I would definitely recommend this primer if you want a glowy dewy look under your foundation. My work BFF gifted me with this awesome primer and I’m so glad she did! My makeup lasts a really long time with this on and it doesn’t dry out my skin which is great!




So I like this finishing powder that I purchased in medium dark and would recommend it to at least be tried once. I will need to try it a few more times to be for sure for sure. However, I can genuinely say at this point all of the following. It is finely milled and can be used to set the face. Good for everyday use but not sure how it would do for big events. But nice to have in your arsenal. If you are using it to set your under eye area, please make sure to let your concealer dry before you apply to avoid cakeiness or patches.


brush shampoo.JPG

I love this brush shampoo and more importantly I love the price! I used this to clean up my beauty sponges and it worked wonders and got them very clean. I also would say I really love the smell and the fact that it doesn’t have parabens was really big for me. I will definitely use this in lieu of my MAC or Philosphy brush cleaners for now. It is dermatologist tested and hypo allergenic as well.

Garnier Skin Active Miracle Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream-



So far so good and I will say I love this eye cream. It has been working well for me when I consistently use it. I sometimes forget to be honest. It feels very light and refreshing on my skin which I must say I really like! My eye bags do not look as intense when I use this the night before. I like the gel texture of this one a lot! I think I will see a more noticeable change with more consistent wear. I think it’s pretty good for it’s price however.

ELF Ultimate Blending Brush-



I love love love this brush it blends and buffs foundation into your skin so smoothly without much effort. I also use it to blend in my cream contour. The brush bristles are so soft and nice to touch with your face. Would definitely recommend this brush to use with foundation application. The price is really reasonable as well.

Video with me using brush here:


Impress Press On Nail Kit-

impress nails

I got this gel nail kit at Walgreens in the Style Funky Town! My nails need a tiny break from shellac and me taking it off improperly so I decided to try these press on nails and take it old school.  I love the colors and the shape ( it even comes with a file so you can shape the nails exactly how you like them)! The nails have lasted pretty well so far. It comes with a lot of extras and accent nails to choose from. I like the style and the ease of convenience. However, my pointer finger on both hands keeps coming off so I’m not sure about durability since I’ve had them on for about 5 days straight now. I like that I have extras to carry around and replace if need be. If you are not willing to simply replace a new one if need be I’m not sure if you will like them or not. But until I get my nails done again professionally I’ll definitely be buying another kit.

Garnier Frutis Grow Strong Shampoo & Conditioner-


I really like this product so far! I’m giving my hair a little break after having faux locs and other styles over the summer that can cause tension. I really want my natural hair to grow long and strong and I think this product will be a staple in this growth. It includes citrus protein, vitamin B3 and B6. I have soft and fine hair and these products really make my hair smell wonderful and soft and bouncy. I like Garnier Frutis products on my thin and fine hair and this one did not disappoint. I actually got both products on sale at Walmart as a set for $5. It had a good lather and the conditioner felt great in my head while I did my 5 minute scalp massage letting it soak in.

Neutrogena Hydrating Wipes-



I’ve always used the regular Neutrogena Hydrating makeup remover wipes and loved them. However, while I was at Target the other day I saw these on display and decided to give them a chance. Very similar to the regular formula just a little bit more scented and more moist to me. It does take all of the makeup off and is very gentle on the skin. I would definitely recommend these wipes to keep next to your bed for when you get home and don’t feel like going to the bathroom to fully cleanse your face until the next morning! They are really refreshing and simple to use.


I hope you guys liked this review. Thanks for reading. Have you tried any of these products before if so how did you like them?











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