DIY Red Lace Closure Wig

Written by Pretty Girl Peeps

Here’s a story about a wig named LOLA and how she came to be and all the details on how I arrived at spending $125 ( not including bundles which were gifted for my wedding). I will provide links to all of the products some in which will be affiliate links meaning if you purchase any of the items, I may get a small (very) small percentage of the sale.  So if you see a link that is underlined with an item you want to purchase, I’d be very grateful if you used the link.

Dying the hair was easier and harder than I thought at the same time lol….oxymoron right. And it took forever to get the bright red out of the tub lmao. Ask my husband he wasn’t too pleased at all and my chest wasn’t appeased after all of the cleaning products either. To get started with the wig making process I researched like a crazy woman on YouTube and on Instagram to see who had did similar processes and who had similar results. My favorite video which I will link here showed a specific feathering process I hadn’t seen before which you can find here: DIY Lace Closure Wig with Elastic . To do the initial dye my niece Aryn helped me so I didn’t ruin the hair or my house while I processed the hair. Disclaimer

( This was my first time bleaching hair, coloring hair, and sewing on a wig or any hair for that matter).

But enough about the back story I’m here to give you step by step what I did and what I bought to arise at this beauty here.

  1. I already had my 2 Malaysian Bundles from Illustriouz Hair but I knew I needed a closure to seal the deal.  So I went ordered my      12 Inch Malaysian Free Part Lace Closure  from a  company called  Lovenea on Amazon.

  2. During my first initial run of product at Sallys ( they had lots of coupons which definitely helped) the products included were: 2 coloring brushes, 2 bowls, black latex gloves, wig clips, a wav boys stretch cap, IsoPlus Neutralizing Shampoo , 2 boxes of L’oreal Excellence Hi-Color in Red Hot, Clairol 40 Developer and 2 packets of BW2 Powder Lightener.

  3. My next product run I went and bought from the local beauty supply: an elastic band, a wig head and  a nude wig cap. And to the dollar tree to get big garbage bags ( to place on our table to eliminate the mess) and aluminum foil to process the hair.

  4. Once I got home, I was ready and anxious to dye the hair. I mixed the 40 developer with the BW2 to bleach the hair making sure to use the above mentioned feathering technique and to stop before my roots so the hair would have a more natural transition. Once I bleached all of the hair and let it set for about 30/45 minutes  I washed it out with IsoPlus Neutralizing Shampoo . And used my Garnier Frutis Color Shield Conditioner)  and washed that out as well.

  5. Next I put the hair back on the table on the garbage bags still wet which may have been my first and worst mistake to try to dye it wet. So I mixed developer and the 2 Boxes of the L’oreal Excellence High Color in the bowl and applied it with the coloring brush to both bundles and carefully to the color in an attempt to not get the color on the lace closure piece.

  6. After I let the hair process for about 45 minutes, I went to the bathroom and shampooed the color out this time using the Garnier Frutis Shampoo. This is how I got the bloody Carrie movie scene going on in our tub.

  7. After this I hung the hair up on clothes hangers to dry overnight. I then discovered the hair wasn’t the red I initially was going for and knew I’d have to go back in with re-enforcements.

  8. So I went back to Sallys and got another bottle of developer and another box of the L’oreal Red Hot and redid steps 6 through 8 again. Only to discover the hair still wasn’t as red as I would have liked. So I started researching a hair brand by the name of Adore and was in love with the results I was seeing and knew this was my next move.

  9. So next I went to the local beauty supply grabbed some Silicon Mix Leave in Conditioner to make the hair soft after all of the chemicals and picked up a color in the Adore brand called Intense Red and did steps 6-8 again. But yep you guessed it lol!  I still wanted it brighter so the next day I went back to the store picked up a color called Wild Cherry repeated steps 6-8 and walah we had action and the hair color was perfect in the sunlight.

  10.  After the hair was where I wanted, I left the Silicon Mix Leave In Conditioner in the wet hair overnight. The hair had a smell lingering to me even after all of the washing so in an effort to not wash all the color out I used Garnier Frutis Dry Shampoo to spray clean it and get it smelling nice.

  11. Once I got the hair situated I decided I wanted to “Conceal the knots on the closure” instead of bleaching them as by this time I was tired of chemicals lol. So I mixed my Cover Girl Vitalist foundation up with my La girl concealer got an old sponge I no longer use and in a pouncing motion over the lace closure which I pinned upside down on the wig head. After I put the foundation/concealer mix all over the closure, I set it with my Maybelline Loose Setting Powder. Then I sprayed it with my Garnier Frutis Hairspray strong hold and let it dry once it dried. I applied another layer of the mixture and setting powder and sprayed one more time for fab results.

  12. Once this was done I was ready to start sewing the wig unto the cap.  This was my first time ever sewing hair so I think I did good, but it took me forever about 3 or 4 hours. I laid my lace closure first to ensure flatness and next I sewed both bundles in using the fold over method until complete.


  13. The wig was finished and looked beautiful but it was too small and the braids I made were too bulky so it was a little tight. I decided to give it a little stretch and ask a good friend to braid me up since that isn’t my ministry. I also realized that even though I have a little head I should have went with the regular size wig cap lol. (my bad lol)

  14. After all was said and done and I fell in love with Lola, I used my new Remmington Pearl Pro Flat Irons and John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum in Extra Strength to straighten out the hair.

  15. I cut the lace in the front, I still haven’t decided if I will use the elastic band( but that’s another story)  and here we are today. I’m still self consicious about people being able to see the lace and tell its a wig so I’ll prob rock it like this lol.


    So Tell me what you think? Would you ever make your own wig?


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