Current Winter Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

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Even though I have super good genes and I drink my water (even though I admittedly hate it) and I tend to mind my business, I can admit I still have to do a little bit more to keep my skin looking radiant under my makeup or just on an everyday basis when I choose to go without.  Most people are shocked when they see my skin without makeup or discover that outside of my lady time I rarely have breakouts; in large part due to the assumption that I wear a ton of makeup everyday which is far from the truth lol.  And for your makeup to look nice you have to have good skincare habits especially making sure your face is fully clean, moisturized, and ready to go BEFORE applying makeup. However, the winter months are approaching and it’s very important that you take care of your skin more than ever during the season of cold wind and weather that can leave you patchy and cracked up if you let it happen. Save yourself Save yourself Save yourself lol ( if you’ve seen the new She’s Got to Have it you’ll get the reference if not that’s OK too)  because either way it ain’t safe it ain’t safe it ain’t safe and I know you’ve heard that one lol.  I typically catergorize myself as having dry skin even though as I’ve gotten older my skin does sometimes dip into combination with a little oil accumulation on my nose and forehead area; but a lot of these tips can be used across the board. I am currently not an esthetician so these are just all tips and things that have worked for me. So here are a few tips somewhat in order that I do to try to protect my dry skin during the winter months.

Drink Your Water & Mind Your BusinessSelf Explanatory But it really helps to drink the recommended amount of water( PH Balanced if you can; I love Essentia brand) and to leave stress and drama out of your personal life. Positivity really helps you inwardly as well as outwardly.

Invest in a good Multi-VitaminThis is helpful all around for good  skin and body health as well. There are many on the market so do  your research and find those that work well for you. Biotin is also a good vitamin to consider for nurturing your skin, hair, and nails in a healthy manner. My favorites are the Gummy Women’s One A Days:

Invest in Good Makeup WipesYou should not be sleeping in your makeup at night no matter how fleeky your makeup is that day. And I’ll admit I’ve done/do it but it is so not good for you and can clog your pores like no other so it just isn’t worth it. If you’ve been working out or sweating a lot, this is also an opportunity to rid your face of this as well and start with a clean foundation which is the goal of healthy skin. My favorites are by Neutrogena they are a cult classic and with good reason because they do a really good job and do not have a lot of harshness with your skin. I’ve recently started using the hydrating specific version and I must say I am in love. Here are some links to them on Amazon:

Invest in Eye Makeup Remover As Well-Eye Makeup Can be so hard to come off especially waterproof mascara and it can be so bad for your skin tissue if you sleep in it. So you want to make sure you invest in a good eye makeup remover. Some of my favorites are by Almay and Neutrogena. With the Neutrogena you will need some cotton pads to take off the makeup or q-tips if you want to get as accurate as possible with your water line. I love the Almay Sticks especially when I wore my lash extensions because they are oil free and they get really close to the lash line easily and efficiently.

Exfoliate at least once/twice a week- Key word at least. You could do a few more times if you need to, but I wouldn’t say to do daily as it could over agitate your skin. Try it and see what method and products work best for you. My personal favorite is the St. Ives Coconut Exfoliater. A lot of stores also sell gentle exfoliation towels that will help you remove the dead skin, but you can also use a non-abrasive scrubbing tool or a regular white towel as well. Also, be sure to get a good lip scrub as well and exfoliate your lips gently and apply a good lip balm or petroleum jelly afterwards. *MAJOR KEY ALERT*

Use a CleanserThis will help remove any dead skin the exfoliation picked up and make sure your face is squeaky clean. It also just helps to give your face a good scrub and to make sure the skin is thoroughly cleansed as well. I personally love the Ponds Moisturizing Cold Cream Cleanser to the moon and back as it really gets it all off but leaves your skin feeling amazingly hydrated afterwards. I also love Red African Clay Soap from My House of Flowers which can be found here and you can use my name for 10% off.

Follow Up with a Good Oil and/or Serum- I personally use oil during the morning and the serum before I go to bed but before I use certain foundations I will use both at the same time one right after another. These give your skin that first splash of moisture right while your skin is open and it gives it ample time to penetrate and really do the work of making sure your skin is hydrated which is critical in the winter months.  I typically only use serums in sample size and my current one was gifted to me from Sephora.  My favorite face oil is Tarte’s Maracujla Oil. It works wonders and can be used on other areas of the body which gives you more bang for your buck.

Eye Cream for the Weary- If you are noticing you are having a lot of fine lines, wrinkles, and bags under your eyes; it may be time to look into getting a good eye cream and using it before you go to bed at night. I personally use Garnier’s Miracle Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream/Gel and  I really like it even though it does leave a slight film once it drys up its easy to simply take off once you do your morning routine.

Moisturizer This is key in the morning and before you go to bed. I personally sometimes go for my lighter Moisturizer but on my really dry days I definitely go for a heavy cream to keep my face hydrated. To be honest it’s all about personal preference but no matter your skin type YOU HAVE TO MOISTURIZE!!!! lol this is key people I promise. Two of my favorites are Clean Clear Dual Action which is lighter and then I love the Nivea Creme as its really hydrating and typically only $1 at most stores.

Keep up with your Routine & Results- Hugely important is to keep up with the routine you start and then make sure you actually are paying attention to the results so you can re access and re-evaluate if need be.

Optional-Monthly Face MaskThere are so many I couldn’t even mention my favs if I tried. Most of my favs are hydrating or firming.  But this is a good way to relax and also give your skin a boost.

I certainly hope this was helpful and you and your skin can benefit from these tips. Please feel free to let me know in the comments if other things have worked for you and I’d love to hear them in the comments. 


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