January 2018 Product Review

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps 1/29/18

What’s Up My Peeps! I am coming with a highly requested review video on some products I have tried this January in this new year of 2018. Is it just me or has January been 50025 thousand 600 days ( in my RENT singing voice) lol. But like for real for real lol. But any who it gave me way more time to check out some products I either needed or wanted to try. Some of these products I am still giving some time but thought I’d give it my first thought Honest reviews. If anything changes within me trying I will definitely come back and make an edit so no worries.

Black Radiance Creme Contour Kit in Light to Medium

SO I HATE SAYING THIS BECAUSE I LOVE BLACK RADIANCE, but this one wasn’t for me. And I’m so shocked because the Black Radiance Powder Contour Kit is my JAM! If you follow my videos you know that I go hard for the Black Radiance Powder Contour Kit so I just knew this was going to be lit; and sadly it just didn’t do it for me. I think the texture needs to be a little bit more workable and silky it’s a little hard. I’m certain I could put some oil on it to make it work but I think I’m going to stick to my La girl pro concealer in Espresso as my creme contour. I will let you know if something changes or if I take it back and just find out I got a bad batch; because that does happen sometimes.

It’s My Raye Raye X BH Cosmetics Palette

The packaging is super cute and convenient to have so much inside. 15 shadows, 3 contour shades, and 3 Highlighters & a mirror all fit into a compact case. I love the eye shadows texture variety with mattes and shimmer shades and the color choice as well. The top row is more neutral matte shades, the middle row is more fashion colors, and then the bottom row is your shimmer shades. The highlighters are very pigmented and bright how I like my highlighters so that is definitely a plus.  I love the Rayediant Highlighter the best its a soft champagne glow that does the job and seems flattering to everyone. To me, the contour shades were too chalky and not the right texture which was a slight disappointment. Maybe I will find use for them once the weather warms up and my skin isn’t so dry and textured. I’d still say support Raye and pick it up because $21 for all of those shadows a mirror and those popping highlights still make it worth it to me in spite of the contour snafu in my eyes. I have a video review if you’d like to see it in action here.

Ardell Double Up Lashes in the Demi Wispy Style

I loved these lashes so much! I love Ardell Lashes in general but this was my first time trying the Double Up Lashes and I was impressed. They gave me fullness but they weren’t overpowering and still had a subtleness about them. If you love the eylure Vegas Nay series you may find the Ardell Double Up Series to be a more frugal dupe for them. Although personally, I’ll probably continue to buy both brands in multiple styles. I did have to cut the ends because they were really long for my lashes but overall I would definitely purchase these again. Especially with the deal I got from Ulta which was buy 2 get 1 free, can’t beat that!

House of Lashes Lash Adhesive in Clear

Sephora had the Clear formula on sale for $6 so I thought I’d try it to see if I like it better than my DUO lash adhesive and I do! Once this gets tacky BUT caution not too tacky; it stays and does not budge and I love it! In my opinion you have to put on a lot especially in the edges to see it coming out, but that’s the nice thing it has rather large applicator tip to apply the adhesive. It does have a little bit of the shiny residue once dried and applied which I’ve heard is common with clear lash adhesives. I am a black adhesive girl so I will probably try it in the black adhesive formula next. I would definitely suggest giving this a try if other drug store adhesives tend to lift on you during the day as I did not get any lifting with this adhesive until the end of the day and I had them on since the morning hours.

NYX Matte Liner

I’m still on the fence about this one. I LOVED NYX’s Studio Liner that they discontinued a few years ago and I haven’t been able to find anything like it but this is the closest I’ve found when it comes to liquid liner. Once it goes matte, it is matte and isn’t moving. But if your lashes or your hand accidently touches it, it will also go matte in that capacity as well which can get messy. To me the product is slightly matte in the tube which means you may have to dip and swirl to really get it on the applicator but to me the applicator is easy to use. I’ve only used it a few times so the verdict is still out but I think I like it!

Smashbox Primerizer

Smashbox’s Primerizer is both a primer and a moisturizer at the same time which is a great mix. I LOVE this for under my dewy foundations during the winter months it gives enough moisture for all of my dry areas but doesn’t make my forehead look too greasy. It definitely gives my face a smooth base of application. I say give it a minute or 2 to get tacky and you’re on your way! It is pricey but both Sephora and Ulta just came out with this in trial size if you want to try it but don’t want to pay full price. A dupe for this is the NYX Hydrating Primer which I also love but try to save for my more matte foundations like the Fenty Pro Filter Foundation.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I will say to me it personally doesn’t live up to its name lol. But it’s good! It can get clumpy and messy so be careful with application. I personally liked it better with primer as I feel it gave it a smoother application. I can definitely say it’s not going anywhere once you put it on especially if you get the waterproof formula. I will continue to try it out, but not sure if it’s Holy Grail for me like other people. I have heard but have not tried for myself yet that L’Oreal Lash Paradise is a dupe for this mascara.


GO GET IT! GO GET IT NOWWWWWWWW! It smells so dang on good and it feels amazing on your body and a little goes a long way. It is an exfoliant for the body but it really lives up to its name and polishes the body for a smooth and silky finish on your skin. And it isn’t that pricey and comes in 3 different scent and ingredient combinations. GO BUY IT like stop reading and go buy it right now lol! If you need more skincare products check out my Current Winter Routine Blog Post here

Bath & Body Works Almond Milk Face & Body Refresher

This was a gift from my MIL because she knows I love Face mists but I haven’t used it on my face yet. Only on my body so far to be honest. It gives your body a really nice smell after the shower but it doesn’t add too much moisture if that’s what you’re looking for it’s kind of simply a feeling of refreshment & a great smell.

Burts Bee’s Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm

This product is moisturizing and gets the job done on the go. For home I still prefer my Vaseline because it’s what I’m used to, but during the winter months this gives me just enough moisture throughout the day with touch ups as it boasts 4-hour Moisturization. It is also Hypoallergenic which is a plus.

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer

I like it but it’s only good to me personally with Dewy Foundations if you have dry skin. If you put if with anything Matte it dries out in my opinion, which is contrary to Tarte’s Shape Tape which goes bomb with any kind of foundation ( But they are temporarily canceled once I use these last two tubes up; but that’s another topic for another day). If your skin is on the drier side I’d definitely say try it out and see how you like it. I really like the applicator and the packaging it’s small but convenient at the same time. I like it as a concealer overall but I have to let it continue to grow on me before I can deem it HOLY GRAIL like Tarte was.

Garnier Sleek and Shine Serum

I got put on this Serum by girl Dani and I LOVE IT! It works so amazing when I’m doing my own hair at home and want it to still look bouncy and not weighed down but sleek and styled at the same time. A little goes a long way and makes a big impact. I think I like it better than my John Frieda for my natural hair with heat. I’d definitely suggest checking out as it is very reasonably priced.

Pureology Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

Suggested to me by my Sorority Sister Courtney it works wonders on my color treated hair at home in between salon visits. It leaves my hair so smooth and fluffy and it smells amazing. It also gives your hair hydration which color treated hair definitely needs. It also boasts being Silicone Free which is great for color treated hair as well. I was able to try it out in the trial sizes at Ulta and I will definitely be purchasing again while my hair is still colored.


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