Diary of An Image Cultivator Entry 1

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps 2/26/18

Diary of an Image Cultivator Series Entry 1

I decided to be transparent and let you guys in on how this past month went for me as an Image Cultivator. Before I get started, let me give you a brief synopsis of what is that I do exactly.  I am cultivator of self-love who specializes in Beauty and Fashion! I AM AN IMAGE CULTIVATOR who does the following:

  • Content Creation
  • Image Consulting
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Makeup Revamps/Recycles
  • Closet Revamps/Recycles
  • T-Shirt Sales
  • Blog
  • YouTube

How does it feel you might ask? Sometimes happy and sometimes sad. How am I able to balance it? Most days I’m not able to do and I hate it! Why do you keep on? BECAUSE MY WHY IS BIGGER THAN MY WHY NOT.

Some days are harder than others to keep going down this path that I’m on the path towards my next personal goal of success.

I wear so many hats for my Personal Brand PrettyGirlPeeps and if you want to know why it’s because I am my team. I am my own brand ambassador/model, secretary, content creator,  marketer,  website designer, graphic designer, hair stylist, makeup artist,   personal stylist,  videographer, photographer and sometimes even more than that for my personal brand. This is all in the midst of me being an employee, a confidant, a wife, a step mother, a friend, a family member, and a sorority sister to name a few of the other hats that I currently wear and this doesn’t include any of the ones I plan on adding in the near future. I’m also a commuter which means a lot of the time in my day is already drastically eaten away sadly. And I still have to keep the house cleaned and cook on my designated days to make sure my household is still maintained in the midst of all of these things. I also started back on my Chiropractor visits in which I pay out of pocket so I CAN NOT MISS them weekly.

Some days I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open

Take for instance last weekend. I had so much on my little plate for one weekend and it totally rocked my little world even more than usual because I thought I was prepared and I just wasn’t to be honest especially in the physical sense. I woke up super early Saturday morning and drug my butt to the gym to have Leg day with my husband/trainer/bff Darian (@dmandcofitness) on IG! We killed my legs literally lol but the show still had to go on. Came back home and helped my step daughter with a few things then I literally had to scarf down food and start getting dressed. Got dressed and did my own hair and makeup. Found out I couldn’t take my #ootds with my camera because you’ll see further on in this post.  SO I had to finagle my I phone 7 to take my own #ootds since my husband and step daughter were out of the house by this time. Realized I needed insoles because I would be on my feet all day so I had to run into CVS to get insoles. Had to drive all the way to Detroit and find parking and found the wrong door to park next to so I had to walk in my pointy toed shoes all the way to the other door. I was glad I got those insoles though lol. Presented at the Pretty Professionals Group( which works with teaching young women 8th-12th grade in the Detroit area professional skills) on the topic of “Dress For Success: On a Budget.” Left there and went straight to my friend Cheyenne’s Protégé dance studio to check it out for an event. Then realized that I was on a quarter of a quarter tank of gas so I had to figure out gas and try to high tail it back home because I had another event that night. I hurried home grabbed my husband and step daughter and they went with me to find my wig for my birthday which of course made me even later at this point. They both were hungry and I needed to pick up juice for the event that night so we had to run into Kroger’s extending my time of lateness even more lol. Got home freshened up and changed clothes and hit the road again. Went to hang out with a few of my Sorority Sisters and have a few drinks and laughs and didn’t get home until the wee hours of the night after following one of my younger Sorority Sisters to the gas station. This was ALL one solid day. And my Sunday was no better but I won’t get into too many details I’ll just say it ended at midnight the next day on a work night!

Some days I get sad

I had to push my Vision Board Party back to April instead of having it this February for a multitude of reasons and I’ll just say it made me sad! But I’m back hype now  so be on the lookout for ticket sales soon hopefully!

Some days I get frustrated

I had all of these bright ideas for my Valentine’s Day Look Book and had to settle for shooting it at my house inside which was so far from what I wanted to do L ! Having to make 1000 calls and still not get it the way I wanted to was really frustrating. Not to mention picking out all of the outfits from my personal stash and then having to fold and hang them all back up was not the easiest and quickest task. I will say I love how the Look Book came out however link here if you want to take a look.

Some days I feel defeated

The other day when I was getting ready to take a few #ootds or #outfitsoftheday with my Camera. I got ready to set up my tripod and I somehow broke it ;-( ! Not my camera but the tripod which was still a big deal because that’s how I’m able to record videos and take my self-portraits with. Due to everything I buy coming from my own personal budget and support I definitely got down in the dumps because let’s be real I just can’t afford another tripod right now. Same way I can’t afford a head light which I need or a new MAC Book that I need.

I also started sending out my Press Kit to a few major companies. Some of the companies responded, some didn’t at all, some said no and I got one yes so far. Having put so much work into crafting and perfecting my press Kit I started to feel defeated. Having gotten my feature with Fenty Beauty earlier this year and still not having received recognition from a few other major brands I decided to start putting myself out there and even though it hasn’t all been favorable. I must admit I am glad I did.  Sometimes when I think of how far I still need to go & what I need to get there I’ll admit I get slightly defeated BUT I DO NOT LET IT KEEP ME DOWN.

Some days I get lonely

Somedays I wish I had a Bestie in the Beauty/Fashion Industry who I could collaborate with or who I could vent to when I am feeling down or go to networking events with me when I need someone to come along with who also has the same goals and aspirations in mind so it’s not just pleasure but a little bit of strategic business mixed in. Someone to shout me out and I do the same. Someone to root for me while I root for them. When I first came into the industry and decided to take it seriously I had a few people in mind but it really didn’t pan out the way I had in my mind. This industry can be very restrictive in terms of what/who people think are cool and also sometimes very cliquey so I really want to link up with someone on the genuine tip more so than anything. I tell my husband everything and he often lets me talk his head off but there are somethings that I know he just doesn’t understand or that he just isn’t into which I understand and respect.  Sometimes I wonder if I just haven’t met my beauty/influencer industry bestie yet and when I do I’ll understand why I had to wait.  Send some positive good juju my way J

Some days I get really confident

I got super confident with how my Black Panther Look turned out from my Gold Accented Knot Bun that I created on a whim to my cute #ootd that came out perfect! I was definitely feeling myself that day and feeling like an African Melinated Goddess screaming WAKANDA FOREVER!

I also was recently feeling confident because I am learning to take WAY Better Pictures and its showing and I love it so much! It’s making me feel like I’m getting closer and closer and my content creation skills are getting up there.

Some days I get really excited

Date Night and spending time with my husband make me so damn happy! Excuse the cursing but I had to include DAMN for emphasis. With mismatched schedules and 2 budding businesses it is so hard to find time to make time for each other so when we do no matter how big or small I ADORE IT! My Favorites this go around were Valentine’s Day and one chill night watching Standup Comedy together 2 nights in a row! We Watched the New Katt Williams and Chris Rock. (Have you seen them? Thoughts?)

And my Husband/personal training being a Sexy Beast and reaching 315 lbs. on the bench got me really excited and also made me proud of all of his hard work and accomplishments with his business.

Some days I get inspired

I was invited to a Lip Bar Event for their 6th Anniversary at their Pop Up Shop in Detroit. Having Followed the Lip Bar & Melissa Butler for quite some time now. I was beyond inspired to see all that she has/is accomplishing with her brand baby. Seeing her make all of her strides such as but not included to making it to 6 years and making it to shelves of Target; let’s me know if I keep grinding my dreams can and will come true as well.

Lastly Maliyah my step daughter Inspired me recently because she sat down at my recording chair and preceded to mimic me and say she was PrettyGirlPeeps for the day! She doesn’t know it but I’ll always keep that moment in my heart. It was an inspiration that she looks up to me and it lets me know that since she is looking at me I can’t give up. She wants to do my voiceover one day soon lol so be on the lookout for that.


I feel blessed that GOD has choosen me to keep going and to be alive and working towards my purpose of helping others J

But ALL THE TIME I KEEP GOING! In spite of all of the good and bad this is all bigger than me and I can’t and I won’t stopJ! I will continue to focus on building my brand awareness and cultivating the lives around me near and far. Thank you for taking the time to read my first entry. Next Month is my Birthday Month so I’m sure it’ll be even more interesting.

……#DiaryofanImageCultivator Series Entry 1


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