Love Lotta Body New Product Review (18)

By PrettyGirlPeeps

So if you know me and you follow me on my Social Media you would know that I live by my Love Lotta Body Perm Rod Sets and have been doing so for a while. I reached out to Love Lotta Body back in January in an effort to potentially try out some products to review. Low and behold they reached back out and after some back and forth I was sent a wonderful package of goodies that I received upon return from my birthday trip to Chicago.

Inside the bag there were the following items:

-A Cute Love Lotta Body KeyChain

-A Cute Love Lotta Body Comb Set

-A Cute Love Lotta Body Scarf Set

-Love Lotta Body Curl Activator

-Love Lotta Body Deep Conditioning Masque

-Love Lotta Body Shine Mist

Once I got the products I immediately knew the style I wanted to try out! Wash & GO for sure for sure 🙂

So I winded up trying this style 2 different ways and getting 2 different results which I’ll show you later and tell you in detail how I achieved the styles and my overall thoughts on each of the actual styling products that I tried out.

Style Result #1

To try my first wash & go attempt, I took my braids out of my hair and gave my hair a really good wash and condition followed by leave in condition with my regular products. After doing this I immediately went in with the Curl Activating Product applying it directly to my damp hair making sure to finger comb a generous amount throughout the hair from root to tip. Once I made sure my hair was evenly covered, I put my hair up in a ponytail with the tips left out to dry. I put my hair in a satin bonnet and went to sleep. When I woke up my hair was still slightly damp near the ponytail holder so I used my blow dryer to dry this area to my liking. Once dry I took the hair out of the pony tail and shook it out and then gently fluffed out with my hands. I then sprayed the Love Lotta Body Spray Mist over my entire hair style and then I was able to walk out of the door. This was my favorite style result. Here are a few pictures.

Style Result #2

For my second attempt at the wash and go I decided to use the Deep Condition Masque first after washing my hair. After I washed my hair, I applied the Condition Masque directly to my hair from root to tip! I then put on a conditioning cap and set under my portable hair dryer for 10-15 minutes roughly! Next, I washed the conditioner out of my hair with cold water! I then applied the Curl Activator to my hair from root to tip, however, this time I don’t think I applied enough product! I then used my detangling brush to further define the curls before putting it into a high ponytail. The next morning I sprayed the hair with the Shine Mist and fluffed the hair out! A Quick Demo of how I did this process can be found here!

Here is the result for that style which was still super cute but didn’t have the fullness of the first try.

Now for my actual review of the products.

Love Lotta Body Curl Activator- I love the smell and the creamy consistency of the product! It definitely is moisturizing and helps define the curls of my 3b/3c hair! My suggestion is to not use too much product but sure you use enough & you’ll have a great well defined wash and go on your hands!

Shine Mist- Again smells amazing and definitely adds shine and moisture to your hair!i could also see this working well to add shine to your straight styles as well.

Deep Conditioning Masque- This was my favorite product to try and review! This made my hair smell so good and feel so darn soft! I would definitely suggest this to any and everyone as a treat for your hair! It definitely penetrates your hair and a little goes a long way with this product which makes it even more valuable!

Overall, after reviewing these products I am still a huge fan and advocate for the Love Lotta Body Product Family! Check these products out and let me know what you think once you do! Thank you so much Love Lotta Body for the amazing products!


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