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So if you know me you know I stan for MakeupShayla! Always have and always will she is super cool yet super glam yet a boss babe all at the same time! She has been on it with the collabs and just getting her life & all of ours together while she hits us with the #strutandslay MMKK! Here is a flashback of me celebrating Shayla as my #wcw!

But this is about her collaboration with ColourPop Cosmetics that shook the table and the intranets last week when she released her collection which is now sold out by the way, but will be back on sale soon so you can go grab it and support after you finish reading this review of course lol! I was supposSo I personally was only able to purchase The Eyeshadow Palette Perception and the Coral Lux Lipstick Color called OOOOUUU if you know Shayla I hope you read that in her voice lol! However, there are also 2 more lipsticks, a super cute lipgloss, and 2 Highlights as well if you are interested!

So let me talk to you about the Palette and the Lip Color and then I’ll post a few pictures of me rocking the look for your viewing pleasure!

So with the Perception Palette ( Retails at $23)  I love that the colors are so very pigmented which is great on the eyes, but if you aren’t careful and tap the excess off you risk a tiny (teennnny) bit of fallout! But if you go ahead and tap off the excess you’ll be totally fine. I love the various color options I feel like you have with this palette…she did her thing yall! I feel like the left side is more of the Day looks and more neutral/natural colors and the right side is more booming and night time serving looks up it up a notch side of the palette. I also love the mix of matte shades especially THIC which is a beautiful orange transition shade and all of the metallic shades that really pop! You can easily mix and match the colors and styles of the looks you want to do which you will see in my looks below!

Here is a list of Shayla’s Description of the colors pulled directly off of Colourpop’s site:

Unbothered: metallic ivory with a peachy flip
TF: metallic true gold
Titus: metallic gunmetal
Stallion: matte black with blue glitter
Spill the Tea: metallic warm taupe
Diva: metallic amber
I.E.: metallic olive
14: metallic navy
Strut ‘n Slay: metallic rosy copper
Culture: matte soft brown
Sassy: metallic eggplant with a teal flip
September: metallic pinky violet
Revenge: matte red brown
Thic: matte vibrant orange
Played Out: matte chocolate brown
Shade: deep matte purple with violet glitter

Lastly, I want to talk you all about this LUX LIPSTICK that is only $7…..$7 yes you heard me right for this creamy gorgeous soft coral color that I am in love with and you will be sure to see me in during the summer and all the way into the fall it’s just that bomb yall! Shayla describes it as a warm peach and it is definitely true to color, the only thing I will say is make sure you line your lips with a warm color like a nice brown to make it pop and not settle against your skin depending on your skintone and undertone!

I hope this review was helpful! If you’re ready to #strutandslay here is the link  :

And here are some FLIX of me strutting and slaying! Be sure to follow me on Instagram at PrettyGirlPeeps!



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