PGP Presents: Rebrand the Vision Recap

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

So it happened my event really happened and it was amazing! I can not wait for the next event it will be even better it is slated for December 1st…FYI! The event will be longer and more tickets will be open for sure!

Here is my blog on the event if you didn’t read it already: Event Blog

I had a great time with all of the event attendees rebranding their vision (it touched my heart so much) and all of the speeches were great by all of the speakers ! Here a few pictures of me and the speakers Lando Success and Jennifer Montgomery taken by Updated Media:

You can find my speech as well as a link to Lando’s speech here : PGP Speech

Full speech will be available soon!

Here are more pictures of the event and attendees taken by Updated as well (any pictures please give credit to Updated)

I cant wait to see you all at the next event on December 1st of 2018 as we gear up for a new year! Remember “Always Dream Big so you can be taught on your journey even as it teaches you”- PrettyGirlPeeps


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