#Afrocentricx Conference 2018 Recap

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

So last weekend, I had the honor and the privilege to attend the #Afrocentricx Conference which took place Downtown Detroit as a VIP Media Guest. This conference was a celebration of black women but overall the theme of women’s empowerment was felt throughout the conference and its various components. The conference is put on by YP Empire and it’s founder Shenise Foote-Vann.

The Weekend was broken into 2 parts. The first part was the VIP mixer and the second part was the actual conference. First I’ll talk about the Mixer and my experience there and show you guys a few pictures and some videos.

So the VIP Mixer took place at Grand Circus also Downtown Detroit and was well attended by Conference guests, media, and speakers alike. The event was fun and light but full of like minded women with tons of varieties of thoughts, fields, backgrounds, and personalities to bring to the table. The drinks were flowing thanks to Sumptuous Spirits and the pictures were flashing from the media in the room as well as the super cute Bondo photo booth that was provided as well. I really liked that we were able to mix and mingle but the founder Shenise also gave us questions to ponder and spark a conversation such as “What do you do to celebrate yourself?” and ” What does it mean to be a black woman to you?” all of which filled the room with the chorus of women connecting on another level if only for one night. We also had catered food and gift bags upon departure. Most attendees were ready to go home and get ready for the next day as almost everyone was super excited about all of the upcoming Conference event.
I did get a few pictures in and I was even able to interview Paulette Parker of The Awkward Mom Blog whom you can follow on Instagram here!

Her interview with other pictures of the Mixer are to follow!

Now for Day 2 -The Actual Conference

The conference was set up to where you could pick 2 tracks Fempreneur or Career Women to attend workshops geared towards either track. There was also a Big Show Room where the bigger talks took place and a Royal Suite room where you could get head shots, massage or a makeover if you had a VIP ticket!

I arrived at about 9:15 so I sadly only caught the tail end of the Model Mom Crystal Cole’s presentation on Live Your best life ever! But it seems like she really got the crowd ready to go and live their best life….EVER! The part I did like was when she talked about the impact of love as well as the impact of a lack of love! Something that I was not expecting and have never done was when she said that you should do a SWOT analysis for your self. I was like wow sis you got me thinking on a whole nother level with that one in a good way!

Next was BECAUSE I SAID SO with Leona Carter of Carter Strategies who has a book out with the same title. Leona’s session spoke on speaking things into existence which if you know me you know that is my thing and definitely keeps me in my bag professionally. She spoke on different areas of her life where she was able to visualize and ask God directly for what she wanted and have it come to pass from financial needs all the way to the type of foster children she wished to adopt.  Some key points I took away from her presentation were:

  • Pay attention to how you talk to yourself
  • You have what YOU SAY YOU HAVE
  • Somethings are waiting on you simply to SAY
  • The situation will say something to you
  • When you see it in real life it’s because you’ve already seen it
  • It ain’t gone be perfect but push through the pain
  • And tell your situations because I said so! (I’ve been practicing this)

Here are some Pictures with me and Mrs Carter

Next up was the Breakout sessions and I decided that I would take the Fempreneur route! The first breakout session I attended was by ReeJade Richmond entitled “Protecting Your Assets in a CopyCat World” ! This session dealt with the legal formalities that come with being a business owner and how to protect your business against losing more money or knowledge even to other competitors and collaborators. It talked about importance of protecting yourself, your content, your products, and your original thoughts and ideas. I thought this was a great break out session because she really covered a plethora of topics that every small business owner needed to be introduced or re-introduced to. The parts that stuck out to me were making sure you have a non-disclosure when talking to new business partners and a non-compete when working with interns and assistants. Another that stuck out was making sure your website and it’s content has all of the right legal jargon and coverage as well as your logo having the correct symbol because if it doesn’t it could come with a fine. Also, the importance of having your contracts in order because you never know who will want to work with you. Overall, I felt that this was a good breakout session to have for the day.  If you want more information on how to get your #biggirlpanties as ReeJade calls them here is her website.

Next up was a good friend of mines Berrion Berry of Healthy Meets Simple and her workshop was entitled ” The Girl changing Boss” because the other breakout session went over this one was shortened but still took some goodies from it. I liked that Berri’s workshop was unorthodox and she had us all collaborating and talking. She firstly had us all do a 60 second elevator pitch and work on ours together which was very helpful for me even though I’ve done this before with a PR professional it was good to do it with like minded individuals. I also liked that she had us think about what celebrity baby mix we would be lol it really opened your mind up in ways different that previously. This was a nice workshop overall just wish we would have had more time. See video and photos below.

Next was lunch and the EmpowerHer panel session with the Founder Shenise, Nina Jackson of Proper Girl, Paulette Parker of Socially Awkard Mom , and Crystal Cole who was mentioned above of Model Mom. So I think it will be easier if I briefly touch on each person’s points that I took away so that is what I’ll do.

Shenise Foote-Vann of YPEmpire 

  • Making sure that you are willing to forgive
  • Knowing to forgive yourself
  • How we as women will be the forerunners of change

Nina Jackson of Proper Girl 

  • Preparation, Process, and Promotion
  • “Your steps are ordered”
  • He will not make a move until you are certain that it was only him who did it
  • Him saying you will not put another God above him is not a request, but God Simply telling you this and standing by it
  • You have to walk in your purpose.

Paulette Parker of Socially Akward Mom

  • Wants people to know you are not alone
  • Wants her transparency to help others
  • Realizes what pivotal moments in her life were including hiding in the closest with a hot pocket to get away from her kids.
  • Mental health awareness is of the upmost importance

Crystal Cole of Model Mom

  • ” I fell down but I started walking again”
  • Love people despite what they do
  • We women were created to help change the world
  • You have to let go of your ego and pride
  • Something magical happens when we ( women) all get together

There was another breakout session that I was unable to attend because I was doing my interview with the Keynote Speaker Ms. Ericka Pittmann ( follow her on social media here )  and the interview can be found here!

I did get to catch Ericka’s Keynote and although I caught a lot of nuggets during our interview together! I still also caught a lot during her keynote as well. These were the things that stood out to me personally.

  • Make sure you inspire those who want to do what you do
  • Set intentions for yourself and make sure that they align with your purpose
  • We will the voids in our life with our purpose
  • Be who you are because God already knew who you are.
  • Once you find yourself aligned that’s where your purpose is
  • Accept, Align, Allow (this  was my favorite thing that she said)
  • Create what it is that you want in your life
  • Remember that your work supersedes you she hasn’t had to do a resume in 15 years!
  • Do the work out of commitment to yourself
  • Make sure you are filling people up and learning as you are teaching
  • Make sure you always ask a person for 3 people to work with and ask each of them for 3 people to work with that is  how you build a strong network
  • Don’t rush and work on being amazing in where you are right now

Overall, I really enjoyed the conference and will be back again next year….who knows maybe as a panelist or a speaker?  Let me know your thoughts below and chime in!


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