MakeupShayla X ColourPop Collab Pt 2 #ShayDay Edition

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review so I thought today was perfect timing with me receiving my MakeupShayla X ColourPop Lip Bundle. The Lip Bundle is apart of Shayla’s special Birthday drop. I know its not until the 14th but Happy Birthday Shayla!

You can buy the lippies separately but trust me you get more value getting the bundle which includes a lip gloss called Drippin and two Matte Liquid Lipsticks called ShayDay and Season 10! Below you will see a few swatches of each Lippie and my first impression of each as well as a description based on what Shayla has said and what I’ve seen.

Let’s start with….


Drippin is a gold nude lip gloss that is super simple but definitely has that stand out ability alone but has enough glitz to be a topper to add some flair to your favorite nude lip sticks. I love the color payout as well as the glamorous simplicity you need to add this one to your collection trust me. I love how it’s glossy but not sticky if that makes sense. And if you’re wondering how this is different from the Neat Freak gloss from her first drop this definitely  has more nude in it vs. Neat Freak which has a lot of orange/peach in it. Here are a few pictures:



Shay Day is  a matte lippie that is a true violet/purple with a vividness that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. For swatching sake, I chose not line either of the mattes so I could see what it looks like straight out the tube.  I really liked it this way but would definitely suggest a plum lip liner to tone it down and make sure it blends naturally. This is really matte though so please hydrate your lips before.Here are a few pictures:




This is a vivid brick red that has a color pay out and intensity out of this world I see why Shayla had to add this one in, it is truly the perfect red and I am in love! I can’t wait to wear this as much as possible this fall and turn heads for certain with my Season 10 beats! Hey Shayla Girl! Here are some pictures:


Overall, you really need to grab this lip bundle and you can do so here! It’s only $16 which is a steal! What do you guys think of her birthday drop? Let me know in the comments!


Oh and if you’re loving this Blouse it’s called the Darling Nikki Blouse and it’s apart of my Coral Circle Boutique and you can purchase here!


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