5 Steps to Acheive the Vision ( Vision Board Party-Wi 18 Recap)

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

Recently, I hosted my Bi-Annual Vision Board Party and as always I give a short motivational speech and this time was no different. This time I decided to speak on the Steps to Achieve the Vision or How to Execute the Vision in short terms.

A Lot of times our vision is seen but we haven’t created an actionable plan to make it happen and we wonder why we can see it in our dreams but we can’t see it in reality in waking day. According to Henry Ford,  “Vision without execution is just hallucination.” I must say I really really believe this whole heartly. It is wonderful to have the vision as you need that to have an actual sight of the goal ( s) that you want to achieve but if you don’t follow through it’s simply just that a vision of your goal, not an achieved goal or vision. 

So I spoke about a few actionable ways to execute your vision, which I’ll speak about below!

  1. Accountability– You must take on the task of being accountable for your actions good and bad, which can help or hinder your process of achieving your vision. You have to be willing to say to your self the things that are holding you back and also the things that can propel you forward. If you need an accountability partner for extra security, you must be willing to admit this and commit to finding and securing on to help you stay on task and on track. 
  2. Break your goals down into smaller chunks– Sometimes it is so hard to see anything but the biggest vision and goal on our checklist that we forget it takes time and steps to get there. Learn to break your vision and goals down into smaller chunks to execute your bigger vision. What I mean by this is yes still go for that big vision but really break down the steps that it will take to get to that vision or goal. I like to use the working backwards method where I take a sheet of paper write down my big goal or vision I’m working to achieve and then think about the steps I need to take to achieve this and start working backwards and writing down the steps one by one from that vision. For example, if someone wanted to be a professional athlete, they would work backwards with their steps in order to get an idea of where they need to start, so they would write something like…try out for a team, secure an agent, start a nutrition plan, get a personal trainer, have someone record them practicing said sport and get feedback, practice said sport, get a physical, profess that they will be a professional athlete. So they would start with the profession and work their way up to the steps until they get to trying out for the team which will hopefully land them the professional athlete role. 
  3. Beware of what you intake- Beware of what you are in taking as you are executing the steps towards your vision or goal(s). You have to be mindful of what you are putting into your body, mind and spirits while you are on your mission of fulfillment. Be careful of what you put into your body because it can either slow down or speed up your motivation or ability to have energy and be productive. Instead of snacks and junk food, try to put healthy fruits, veggies, and multi-vitamins into rotation instead. With your mind and spirit, be careful what you are watching and listening to on a daily basis because they can either make you want to reach your goals or be in a negative head space in regards to your vision. Try to stay away from gossip and bad energy by way of social media and instead curate your timeline for more positive feeds and also hang around those who will push you with positivity vs fill you poison and deter you from your vision. Podcasts are a great intake to swap out with gossip as they help build knowledge and often tell some one else’s story about how they made it out or over which can help continue to fuel your drive as you continue to execute the steps to achieve your vision.
  4.  See the Vision Frequently– Put your vision board up in the house somewhere where you can take a peek at it and see it continuously will give you drive and motivation to keep going. Write it down in your favorite journal or put in on bright sticky notes on your bathroom mirror to read before you go to work in the morning. Whatever you choose make sure you are going to look at the end goal and vision frequently.
  5. Believe It’s Going to Happen– You have to believe with every fiber of your being that it’s going to happen for you and that you deserve for it to happen for you. Tell yourself every chance you get that it will be happening for you and soon. The power of the mind is not a joke, and manifestation is real. The words that come out of your mouth and that you listen to inside of your head make all of the difference and sincerely matter. So instead of believing the worst or thinking of all the reasons it won’t happen, think of ll of the reasons why you know it will happen instead.

Bonus Tip: Practice Self Care– You can not pour from an empty cup and you shouldn’t want to either. Following your dreams can be very draining in many realms and areas and it makes it hard to pursue your dreams if you are down on your last leg. So make sure to take time for you even if it’s just one day out of every month, where you pick a day to designate as your Self Care Day. I do at least one Saturday out of the month where I run a hot bath, pour in some Eucalyptus epsom salt, grab an eye mask, light some candles, turn on the Calm App and Zone out with a glass of wine ( accompanied with water since the epsom salt removes toxins you want to make sure you are staying hydrated), and sometimes I’ll even treat myself to a solo dinner or happy hour date. And everyone’s form of self care looks different so just make sure you are taking some time to yourself and for yourself while trying to achieve your dreams which will be your gift to the world. 

The Next Vision Board Party will be taking place in person June 1st, 2018. What’s one vision or goal you are confident in starting executing steps for 2019? I want to know in the comments!


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