PGP 2018 Christmas Gift Guide

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

It’s almost Christmas Time, so I thought I’d hit you all with a blog on some quick and easy gifts for the men, women, and kids in your life. If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you’ve noticed I’ve been showing some cool gifts on my Live but thought I’d bring it to life and write about it. This is not an exhaustive list but it’s a start. So let’s get to it. Side note any of these items can also be used to make a cute Christmas Gift Basket for the person of your choice. Also, a lot of these gifts can be found in my Amazon Store linked here.

Gifts for the Ladies

    1.  Ulta Fragrance Gift Set- I love this kit, it has so many top selling fragrances for her to try out and experiment with & best of all it comes with a $15 voucher towards a full size perfume of her choice from the kit. Some of my favorites in the kit are YSL Mon Paris, Viktor Wolf Bon Bon, and Coach Floral, but trust me their are so many options.
    1. Silk Pajamas – They just feel so good against your skin and make you feel luxurious in your own home. While you’re at it grab her a silk/satin pillow case too.
    1. Spa Kit- Grab her some Face Masks, A Jade Roller, Serum, Candles, A Bottle of Wine, An Eye Mask, A Bag of Indulgence Trail Mix from Walmart( it’s so good trust me), Bath or Epsom Salt, and a new book. ( you can also add some crackers and cheese spread if you want to go all out) Go to the Dollar Tree and find shrink wrap and a bow and find a nice basket for the low at Hobby Lobby or Micheals.
    1. Anything Makeup Related- Gift Cards, Eye Shadow Palettes, Bundles, New Lashes, Gift Cards to Sephora or Ulta, or a new set of Makeup Brushes us makeup geeks aren’t hard to please.
    1. Apparel Related – Gift Cards to H&M, Express, DSW, Aldo or just her favorite store to let her know you’re thinking about her. A new purse or a gorgeous piece of statement jewelry if you haven’t made it to the diamonds yet. Better yet create her a Capsule Wardrobe which is super popular in France have a stylist ( preferably me) help you find some classic pieces and statement pieces that can easily be paired together and remixed when needed to create new outfits.
    1.  Frugal yet Fine Gift Idea- A Holiday Date with all of the cute corny things she’s been asking to do all year, e.i. Ice Skating, A Hot Cocoa Bar, Driving around to look at Christmas Decorations, & Takeout for a Movie Marathon on the Couch.

Gifts for the Fellas

  1. Tech Related- A gift Card to Best Buy, An Otter Box Case for his I Phone, an Apple Watch, an Alexa or Echo device to help him keep his life in order or at least pretend to lol, a laptop case/bag, and a/or a year long subscription to Audible.
  2. Travel Related- A new luggage set will allow him to travel in style, and let him feel good about himself at the baggage claim area. A Passport cover is a nice touch for the international traveler in your life. Luggage cubes and shoe bags will also help him stay organized for his personal and business trips as well.
  3. Apparel Related- You can’t go wrong with Athletic wear, pajamas, nice boxers or briefs, socks, ties, dress shoes ( most men won’t buy for them selves for some reason) and my favorite Levis Jeans. You could also play it safe and easy and grab him a gift certificate to his favorite store or a store that really suits his style in your opinion.
  4. Self Care Related- Believe it or not guys need/want self care as well.  You’d be surprised what a stress reliever could be for him. It could be as simple as tickets to his favorite sports event or concert, the gun range, a gift certificate for his favorite restaurant with enough funds for dinner and a brew or 2 ( this also eliminates you having to cook as well), tickets for him and his best friend to go see that action film you have no interest in seeing or just a coupon book with special treats from you to him that can be spread across the year.  You could also create him a self-care kit with a red wine, a face mask, Mr. Teal’s Restorative Epsom Salt, a good book, and a massage oil waiting for him after for a hand, back, or head massage if it’s his thing.
  5. Grooming Related- If your man can cut his own hair, a clipper set is super nice and helpful because those can be quite pricey at times. Other ideas are a set of his favorite hair brushes especially if he loses them like my husband ( the Diane & Annie Brands work the best), beard oil, a collection of his favorite body washes and lotions ( Bath & Body Works has nice scents for men as well as Dove & Axe),  and a Fragrance Kit to help him find his signature Scent ( Sephora & Ulta have great selections)
  6. Frugal yet Fine Gift Idea- A 6 Pack of his favorite beer & a new mug to drink them from.

Gifts for the Kiddies

  1. Apparel/Decor- Coats, Shoes ( Vans & Chucks are popular right now),  Justice & Kids Foot Locker Gift Cards  & new bedding & room decor if they want/need it.
  2. Trendy Toys- Anything Unicorn, Marvel, Paw Patrol, Phone Accessories (if this is age appropriate), Video Games, Hatchimals, LOL Surprise anything, Sports Related gifts, and or video games.
  3. Educational Yet Interesting- Things that teach as they play are great and can be helpful in the long run. Some Examples are Board Games, Slime Kits, Legos, Avengers Super Hero Inventors Kit, Arts & Craft Kits, Lite Brights ( yes they came back) , S.T.E.M. gifts ( think Science or Lab kits if your child has expressed interest in Stem, and or books for the budding book worms. Or if your child has expressed interest in a certain trade gifts related to teaching them the trade in a kid friendly way.
  4. Experiences – Tickets to their first sporting event, Kiddie Spa Day, Ice Cream Gift Card, Movie Tickets, Theater Tickets, and or Music Lessons.
  5. Time-Nothing is more important than your times.
  6. Frugal yet Fine Gift Idea – Their First Piggy Bank. I still have mines and I think it’s a dope gift that they will always treasure and it teaches the importance of money & Saving early.

Overall, this is just a really quick list of gifts that you may have or may not have thought of that may be pleasing to the person in your life. A lot of the items mentioned can be found in my Amazon store here! Merry Christmas, happy Holidays, and great luck shopping for the special people in your life this season.


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