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Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

Can you all believe it? It’s the end of 2018 and 2019 is literally around the corner! This was definitely a year for the books good and bad! I must say I throughly enjoyed all of my travels this year and can’t wait to do more next year! For this blog, I want to keep it simple and talk about a few of my favorites from each travel adventure location! Feel free to ask me any questions below if you have them and I’ll try my best to answer!


One of my favorite affordable travel domestic locations is definitely Chicago, Illinois! There is so much to do in one city including food & entertainment which are right up my alley! I feel like every time I go I see or do something different!

This year when I went for my annual birthday trip, we stayed at the Godfrey downtown Chicago and it was amazing! The location was close to everything & the service & quality of the rooms was amazing to say the least! For starters went to our favorite dinner location in Chicago which is the Grand Luxe which specializes in Upscale American food with a sophisticated ambiance & subtle elegance! You have to try Grand Luxe at least once even though I feel like I’ll never stop going or trying it out!

For Breakfast the next day we opted for Yolk at the Downtown Location and the food and service was great! It was a little packed due to it being my birthday/St.Patricks Day! Next we tried out my new favorite low key bar/lounge in Chicago Bounce Ping Pong Social! I love this place because the music is bumping and balls are flying everywhere while you get your drink on and play free ping pong with your friends! We finally made our way to Sound Bar club where DJ Envy hosted and Djed a pretty lit Day Party for what seemed like a large number of Chicago Millennials did I mention Love and Hip Hops Safaree made a cameo? Then we made our way to Giordarnos which is one of my favorite must go to places in Chicago but I will say be willing to wait!

We also discovered the massive Liquor Depot downtown Chicago before going to our favorite Breakfast spot Batters & Berries and chowing down with our Bellaire bottle while they provided us with mixers since the restaurant is BYOB! We also got to take a look around downtown Lincoln Park and see a lot of the pretty places it has to offer!

Nashville, Tennessee

This summer I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to see my Nephew marry the love of his life and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever had! Good food, family, and southern hospitality are all right up my alley!I will definitely be back for a trip longer than one weekend because we did not get to see or do enough while we were there! Some highlights for me were definitely based on food:! The first food highlight was thee best breakfast you can offer served family style at Monnell’s near the airport! They pretty much serve you so much Southern Breakfast food back to back until you and your new family are full ( they make you eat with strangers and put your phones away, I love this concept)! Another food highlight was the famous Tennessee BBQ, we got our BBQ fix at Mission BBQ which was affordable and also served liquor which was a huge plus to wash down all of that great food! Another highlight was their amazing Grand Opry Mall which is just a shoppers dream and amazing, but again I need to go and stay a little longer to really do the damage I want to do at that mall. I will definitely be figuring out a way to venture back to Nashville very very soon!

Riviera Maya, Mexico


For our 2 year anniversary, we decided to go international and travel to Cancun, Riviera Maya, Mexico and see what they had to offer us during the fall month of September! While there, we stayed at the Valentin Imperial Rivieria Maya All Inclusive Resort and were treated so well! All food and all you can drink for free….yes for free! We were greeted upon entering the resort with tequila mixed with Champagne while we checked in, this was an indicator in how helpful and lit our trip would be. We quickly met a couple from Michigan and bonded but figured we would never see them again and winded up linking back up with them the last few days of the trip because they were so cool. Once we got there our room was so gorgeous and fully stocked with alcohol and bottled water as well. Once we got settled, we went and hung at the swing bar before taking our talents to the beach where we were smack dab in front of wonderful weather and the beautiful ocean waters. We went to a Tequila tasting where we got to try almost every kind of Tequila you can think of light and dark and fell in love with the Najoe and 1942 varieties. While we were there, we met another couple from the States who had the exact same anniversary as us 9/24/16 and they were the brother and sister of our respective organizations… ( so he was an Alpha, and she was a Zeta super cool people)! e all hung pool side and had a great rest of the day! That night we got dressed up and went for our first night of eating on the Restaurant at the Indonesian restaurant whose food was amazing but I winded up getting tipsy and couldn’t finish it all. After dinner we hit the Cigar Bar, where they had every single type of liquor and cigar combination you could imagine.

The next day we woke up and had breakfast at the buffet! Some of the food was hit or miss but I will say that is because in Mexico they eat a lot of their food raw without sugars and preservatives like here in America especially their meats so it takes some getting used to. Next we went on an amazing bike tour of the resort that was so much fun and so informative but it was definitely a work out. We then went and lounged in the lazy river after visiting the beach earlier in the day! While we were at the beach, I accidentally helped my husband lose his expensive Ray Ban glasses in the ocean and lost my wig but that’s another story for another day lol! The water there is the perfect temperature it’s not too hot and not too cold. That night we treated ourselves to the French Restaurant and it was amazing. ( French was my favorite in Jamaica as well so I think I must be partial to French food)! The rest of the trip was a blur but I really enjoyed going to the bar and watching people do Karaoke while we hung out with both couples we met and playing billiards! We did breakfast in bed with room service our last morning there and honestly it was beyond amazing! Overall, the people in Mexico are super nice and friendly and will help you however they can especially the building concierge that they provide, the food is very hit or miss and takes some getting used to but don’t be afraid to try new things! Some words of wisdom however are don’t drink the water and try to only drink bottled water if you can only they give them to you free at most of the bars and in the rooms and also take anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea pills with you PLEASE PLEASE do it for me lol. Your body is adjusting to the new type of food and it may not take it ell and you do not want to spend your trip in the bathroom at least not in that way wink wink lol.

These are my 2019 trip highlights! Anywhere I go with my husband is wonderful to me, but it’s always nice to sneak away and make new adventures together! Where did you go this year? Have you ever been to any of the above destinations?


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