Winter Hair Tips-2019

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

We all know that in the winter months it gets harder to maintain our upkeep, let’s be honest all we want to do is cuddle, eat, and sleep…(oh that’s just me lol).  However, I’ve complied a few Winter Hair Tips that I think you might find helpful! I will give the disclaimer that I am not a cosmetologist or beautician I just love hair! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried any of these tips and if you have which ones are your favorite and most useful.  I’ll also be doing Style Consultations for Hair ( wig/half wig shopping) starting next week so be sure to email me at for more information.

  1. Drink your water and take a good multivitamin daily– This is essential year round but especially in the winter when your hair and skin is getting limited hydration and sun. If you can find a PH balanced water and a vitamin that takes care of skin, hair, and nails too then that’s a bonus on the jackpot. I have some in my store that is listed at the bottom of the store that you can and should check out.
  2.  Moisturize your hair- It is so essential that you moisturize your hair whether it is with light oils or a heavier cream you need to add that moisture to your hair and your scalp to stimulate growth and keep your hair happy and healthy.
  3. Stimulate growth- The winter is a great time to start growing your hair out for the remainder of the year. Some good growth products to try out are: Castor Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, and Wild Growth Hair Oil. You also can give yourself a 5 minute scalp massage once or twice a week to stimulate growth as well.
  4. Protect your hair with Protective Hair Styles- Protective Hairstyles are crucial in the winter months because they keep your ends from being brittle and exposed and they keep you from you using a lot of heat on your hair as it is hardier to do wash and gos in the winter for fear of catching a cold. Some of my favorite protective styles for the winter are: wigs, half wigs, perm rod sets, sengalese twists, faux locs, ponytails, flexi rod sets, clip in extensions, messy buns and I can’t wear them but I think they look gorgeous on other people are braids.
  5. Night time upkeep- Be sure to protect your hair at night by using satin/silk scarves or bonnets to help maintain moisture and hydration. If you’re like me and sometimes forgetful to put on your bonnet or scarf, be sure to invest in a good silk pillowcase. Some of those are listed in my Amazon Store at the end of the blog as well.
  6.  Deep Condition your hair- There are so many different types of hair treatments on the market that you can choose specifically for your hair types and needs. Be sure to do this at least once a month in the winter time to keep hair more manageable and again more hydrated.  You can use conditioning caps or go old school and use a plastic bag, just make sure you’re taking this time for yourself and for your hair! I love Shea Moisture Products but there are a lot of good ones on the market.
  7. Always use heat protectant- IF you must put heat on your hair, please always use a heat protectant my favorite is by Silk Elements and also uses Olive Oil as well.
  8.  Be Careful with your Color- Be sure to invest in colors that will protect your hair in the winter and allow your hair to retain the moisture that you are using after you wash your hair. Your shampoo and conditioning products are key to opening your hair up to receive the moisture. Colored hair is more prone to breakage so please take heed. Some of my favorites are by Pureology but Garnier has some nice products as well.
  9.  Delicate Items- Be sure to invest in good hats and scarves to shield your hair from the brisk cold air that comes with the winter months. You also want items that won’t snag and tangle your hair which can cause breakage. Hats can also be a great way to up your fashion ante and accessorize your look.
  10.  Research- Research and look into what styles and maintenance work for your hair! Youtube, Instagram, and Pintrest are great places to start and see other women who have hair like yours and are sometimes willing to share their hair tips with you! Some good things to research about your hair are texture ( 3a,b, c, 4a, b, c), porosity ( high, medium or low), volume ( fine or thick) , and length( ear, shoulder, bra, waistline etc). I know that have 3b/3c, high pororsity, fine, and shoulder length hair and I often do research on good products and techniques to maintain my hair since it’s been perm free for 10 years.

So what do you guys think of these tips? A lot of the products mentioned can be found in my Amazon Store here ( disclaimer I do make a small portion of the profit) !


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