If you’re going to see Wale in Concert, here’s what to expect: My experience with BeatsxBeers Presents Wale!

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, I was given the privilege to attend the BeatsXBeers Presents: WALE! Live in my hometown of Flint, MI as a member of the media! I love Wale, so of course I was interested in capturing this event up close and personally!

Wale, Wale Folorian, Ralph Folorian, or Mr. Victor if you’d like to call him that has always been a favorite of mines! I love his fashion sense, his candor yet insightful word play, and his outward apparant love, respect, and admiration for women especially of color! A lot of his songs were apart of my soundtrack of my 20s! There was “Diary” which helped me get over a lot of my baggage from my relationship in undergrad and find a new love! Then you had “The BreakUp Song” which was the theme song for when me and my now husband had our rough spots while I was in grad school lol & “Lotus Flower Bomb” which reminded me of our dating times & I had on replay for days on end you can ask my husband about this as well lol! I can’t forget about his verse on “No Hands” which definitely was a favorite when I strolled with my Sorority Sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc! Lastly, when I got serious about my brand and decided I was going to go full throttle with posting my #ootds ( outfit of the days) on Instagram his “Fashion Week” song was always playing in my head and hyping me up giving me black girl confidence and magic! So it’s safe to say I really like and have liked this D.C. native who was born Olubowale Victor Akintimehin for some time now! But before I get into his performance, I want to talk about the actual event, some highlights, and the opening acts! I’ll then share my favorite songs from his set, some video footage, and the pictures that I was able to capture! Any photo usage please be sure to credit PrettyGirlPeeps or ask for permission!

Being a proud Flint, MI native, I personally know how big this event was to bring some positivity to the City so I thank Brandon Corder and the Beats X Beers Team for this amazing event that they put on. The event was put on downtown Flint at the Capital Theatre which was big in it’s own right! Fun Fact” 2 Pac was the last rapper to perform on that stage ( dope right?)! There were tons of local vendors on standby which I loved and even a photo op set up for those who wanted to take pictures to commemorate the night! I can’t lie it was really nice to see so many people I grew up with in one place looking their best to support some good in the city! Here are a few pictures I captured of the venue, it’s setup, and the Event Host Dukk ( I LOVED LOVED HIS FIT ESPECIALLY THE MARTIN MEMBERS JACKET!

The first act was an amazing vocalist by the name of Ashlei who brought the house down with her impressive and extensive vocal range! It was really nice to see some local talent that I personally had never heard of be displayed before the featured act! I also loved that Wale is such an artist he heard her singing on the side of him during ” P.Y.T’ and he decided to bring her on stage for a cute vocal battle. Pictured below is Wale and Ashlei together and I’ve also included a brief video of their interchange!

Followed by Ashlei was one of my favorites, T.L.W.L. also known as This Life We Lead, which I may be biased because I went to high school with both Steve and Stanley! I’ve used some of their music in some of my trailers on IG if you follow me! I loved their high energy performance and their enticement for crowd engagement! My personal favorites that they performed were ” Tropicana” and ” TOAST”, although I wish they would have also performed “Forever” I do understand that their time was limited and I still loved their overall set!

Next up was Velly Beretta, a rapper who the crowd definitely was excited to see and hear from. I can definitely say I loved his stage presence which is hard to find with rappers and I loved his fashion for the most part! Because I was in the media pit and we were moving around so much I’ll have to listen to a lot of his work separately.

Then we had an artist who was very entertaining by the name of THE THIRD! I can’t lie he was definitely getting and I was impressed with his personality and high energy performance by him and his hype girls who joined him on stage! I originally thought his name was Chubby Gang because his attire had it written all over it and his “Chubby Gang” song was my favorite that he performed but I later learned that he goes by “The Third.”

Then the final act before the featured performance was Jeff Skigh! I liked Jeff he was very mellow and all about the good vibes! I also liked the band and guest artist he brought on stage! I didn’t get to catch his entire performance because I had to take my bathroom break and get back to the media pit, but I did catch a few good photos see below!

Right before Wale’s DJ came on there were a few set’s from Club 93.7’s DJ ( I want to say his name is Peter McFray) who definitely did his thing and had the crowd rocking before Wale’s DJ DJ Money took over and also had the crowd and Wale’s set on point! Below you’ll see pictures of both and a snippet of DJ Money’s set!

Now for the featured act Wale! What you can expect from Wale is a lot of humbleness, super dope fashion selection ( his shoe game was def on point) high energy, taking a break to go near the crowd and hang and take selfies, his hype man Tre getting in on the action and showing his vocals off a little, bluntness, and allowing for crowd participation as well. I loved when Mayor Weaver( Flint’s Mayor) cam on Stage and gifted him with some shoes! I also, as a native loved his realness when he took a break to address Flint and his concern for the ongoing & heart breaking water crisis ( that really touched my heart)! My favorite songs from his set were “P.Y.T.” , ” Black Bonnie”, “Fashion Week”, ” Lotus Flower Bomb” and he brought the entire house down with ” No Hands” which got everyone hype and a lot of extra people on stage lol! He also performed some new songs and some songs off of his “It’s Complicated” Independent Mixtape, along with “Trap Trap”, “Girls on Drug”, “Bounce” and more! Wale is not shy about moving around on the stage and doesn’t stay in one spot like most rappers do which I can appreciate! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Wale’s performance and will definitely go back to see him whenever he comes to Flint or close by! See pictures below and a brief YouTube Video of his performance using this link!

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and hopefully will get an opportunity to attend the next Beats X Beers event! Thank you Brandon for putting on for the city! This was my first Press/Media event of 2019 and I can honestly say it was great! I even stayed out a little late and caught up with old friends and made some new ones at the after parties at BlackStones & Rasphberries! Let me know what you guys think about my experience below!


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