If YOU go to #womanevolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts, YOU will experience a #Nightinthewild

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

The PreQuel

So to start let me say, I am very structured but also the type to get overwhelmed and full of brain scramble when too many things pile up at one time! The night before the “A Night in the Wild” Event presented by Sarah Jakes Robert & Woman Evolve in Detroit, MI; I realized I had nothing together for the event the next day: no outfit, no hairstyle, and no plan of action for my commute after work even. I decided you know what I’ll wake up super early and get everything together in the morning ( bad idea I know)! So the morning of the event, I woke up early and everything that could go wrong was going wrong back to back to back. I got to work super late and still didn’t feel adequate enough for the event, but I persisted that I’d press on and go the event as is! During the day, more stuff just started to happen to disrupt my mood & my spirit and I’m like wow the attacks are coming from every where something is trying to stop me from getting there which means I HAVE TO GET THERE! The final straw that broke the camel’s back for me was when I was washing my hand’s in the basement of my campus’s bathroom where I work and the entire pipe busted on the bottom of my ensemble and my shoes which forced me to have to stop and freshen up before going to the event, instead of going straight from work which forced me to be later than I anticipated. As I drew closer to Detroit, my gps kept extending my time of arrival and in the back of mind I’m like I’m never going to make it or I’m going to be extremely late! So once I got off the freeway it was pandemonium I’ve never seen that much traffic in one area outside of Ann Arbor and Chicago in a while. The parking situation was beyond crazy, I think with a little logistical partnership between the church and the police this could have been executed better but that’s another story for another day! Doors opened at 6 p.m. and I didn’t even make it to the line outside until about 6:45 p.m. and my date for the night my beautiful Soror Twin Keisha ( we are members of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Incorpated) ran to meet me in line just in the knick of time. And we entered and I realized why GOD wanted me to KNOW that I NEEDED to be in that space!


Once inside the venue ( Second Ebeneezer Baptist Church) I saw so many beautiful women from all over Detroit and it’s surrounding areas, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before not even at any of the previous women’s empowerment conferences I’ve went to. Other than Jeezy , I’ve never seen a non local person literally bring the whole city out! The vibe, the energy, and the atmosphere perfectly set the tone for the evening. There was a place set up to get food, vendors, and multiple photo ops set up for guests to take solo pictures and also those with their girls! I ran into so many people I knew from different stages of my life and that was amazing in itself! Once it was time for the show to start Sarah came on stage and demanded that we all stop where we are and read the following mantra/affirmation to the woman next to us, the woman next to me was my Soror who has been through a lot but is still more beautiful and triumphant that ever, it meant so much to affirm and say those words to her alongside so many other beautiful women searching for more through their relationship with God & other women as they evolve. See the mantra/affirmation below:

Next, her worship singers came out and also helped set the tone. Then when it was time for Sarah to come out she looked so darn beautiful aesthetically ( I love her style it’s just so sophisticated & chic) externally but her spirit just radiated. It’s one thing to hear her on the podcast or when she does her series that get reposted but to be in the actual room under the sound of her voice is something completely different. As an avid listener to the #womanevolve podcast & member of the delegation, I thought it was pretty cool how she kept the Rescue Eve and Hail Mary portions about of her show. I loved learned more about her Hail Mary that is local to Detroit: Alternatives for Girls! Having recently seen the movie Traffik it’s amazing and beautiful to know someone in the local area cares about our women and girls who are really dealing with a lot on the streets as victims whom she helps turn into victors. The message had so many nuggets it’s hard to tell them all without giving away the entire sermon which was entitled ” GOD will give you wings” ! I loved how she showed the comparison of EVE in the wilderness to Mary birthing a seed and how most of us have both women inside of us and a lot of times we need our EVE ( rougher days) to get to our Mary to birth our seed. The most touching part was when she said that we all are the soil and not just the seed, I don’t know about you but that’s super deep and spoke to me on so many levels. I don’t want to give everything away because I want to encourage you to go see her when she stops in your city but here were some of the key takeaways for me personally.

  • “Your greatest defense against your current opposition is your ability to regenerate”
  • Regrow your joy to get out of depression. Regrow your confidence to get rid of of insecurity.
  • Circumstances & traumas in our life will make us take the shape of our trauma and not our victory…don’t do this!
  • Life has got me out of shape to get me back into the shape that GOD wants me to be in.
  • Have to get back to an environment that will allow me to form what was in my mother’s womb.
  • GOD gets specific with the enemy so you have to as well. Be specific about your prayers and what you want GOD to do in your life, it serves an eviction notice to the devil!
  • The Story of Eve is a promise disguised as a curse!
  • Your wings are coming! Took what life has threw at me and use it to fly back into position even faster, getting your wings back is about to get your back to the place GOD has for you!


The Aftermath of this amazing event in Detroit, MI is that so many lives were touched including mines! I know I went home and talked my husband’s ear off about all of the great things I learned and received and what I was going to apply! Looking down my timeline last night and this morning I literally saw so many women I knew and some I’ve never met posting about the event and that was such a blessing to my eyes! I pray every morning first thing in the car on the way to work before I talk to anyone or turn any music/podcast on, but this morning was different! This morning I put in very very specific prayer requests for me, my husband, our immediate & big family, our business & finances, and just the woman I am evolving into as I turn 32 next month these things are coming/or going to come into fruition for me I already feel it! If you want to experience the A Night in the Wild event with Sarah Jakes Roberts, here is a list of tour dates even though I think they may all be sold out with good reason. Here is her Instagram as well! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the experience! Did you check her out in Detroit? Will you be checking her out in another city? Let me know below! Have a great rest of your day and enjoy some pictures & video below!


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