Black Brands I Suggest ( Fashion, Beauty & Skincare)

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Hi you guys! This is my 2nd to last post to end out Black History Month! I’m hopeful that you all have loved all of the varied content! From the podcast, to the YouTube video, and the Black Beauty of the Day posts on my IG, I can say I have loved doing it and the feedback that has been given to me. For this post, I wanted to highlight a few Fashion, Makeup, and Skincare brands that are #blackowned! I was going to do beauty and include Hair but I just know wayyyyyy too many hair companies local and non-local and it would take all day lol so let me know if you want me to do more hair content or not. But it was very important for me to support black brands especially around this time of the year even though I do it year round I think between January and Febuary I’ve spent close to $550 supporting #blackowned business in some way shape or fashion. So here are a few brands I think you should check out when you get some time if you are looking to #buyblack. These are just a few of the brands you can support but not all of them of course! If I forgot anyone charge my head and not my heart, Some of the brands I’ve used and some I plan to buy from at some point. The brands I’ve used I’ll have pictures for but all of the brands will have a link to the website, Instagram or the Facebook page for the brand.


CORAL CIRCLE BOUTIQUE- Shameless plug but this is my favorite black owned boutique ever because it’s mines! Coral Circle Boutique specializes in Trendy yet Classic Professional style clothing for the every day woman. The current sizes range from XS-XL in certain offerings!

Shop Coral Circle Here & Follow us on IG! & Also don’t forget about the PGP Shirts including Fan Favorite Fine & Frugal which can be purchased here!

CURVE KLOSET – My unofficial Mentor owns this boutique & I love all of the different pieces that she offers for all different types of body shapes but especially for curvy women! Now that I’m thickening up I will def be snagging a few pieces! Be sure to check them out on IG!

BODY CARD- Body Card is great for on trend pieces and attire for going out as well. They also tend to do multiple pop ups in Michigan and Ohio so be sure to follow them on IG to stay updated!

FIFTH SOLE- I love Fifth Sole for the stylish soles that they offer! I have a few pairs of shoes from Fifth Sole and I must say I love them and I always recommend them for shoes for my girlfriends! Fifth Sole now also offers clothing as well! Here is there IG page & a few times I’ve rocked their shoes!

HOOP MOBB- Hoop Mobb is new on the scene but don’t sleep on their large offering of both trendy and classic hoop earrings. I recently bought myself a pair and my big sister who introduced me to hoop earrings when I was younger. Here is there IG page to show them some love!

TRACI LYNN JEWELRY – I have not gotten to try Traci Lynn personally yet but if you love big and bold costume jewelry and bags this is the spot for you! If you’re going to support make sure you do so through my LS Ashley who can be contacted through her IG here!

HARPER RAY ACCESSORIES – I have not gotten to try Harper Ray Accessories yet but it’s on my to do list because a lot of my favorite girlies suggest it! Harper Ray accessories are classic and dainty at the same time! If you want to take a look at their selection, here is their IG page!

SEE CEE’S CREATIONS-Cee Cee’s Creations specializes in T-Shirt Design and creation! I’m actually going to get one of my birthday shirts made with them! They create very unique and original designs for all ages! Cee Cee also creates educational workbooks and materials for students of all ages and demographics! You can follow them on IG here!

YOUNG GIFTED & BLACK – Young Gifted & Black is a couple owned business that specializes in apparel for those who consider themselves to be young gifted and black! They offer all kinds of varieties of items to choose from and at different price points as well. Here is the website to check out some of their offerings!

DM & CO Fitness- If you’re looking for some great Fitness attire, then look no further than DM & Co Fitness! His offerings include both items for men and women with more dropping this spring! I love how comfy his shirts are to work out in and I just copped a hoodie as well! This is my husband’s brand so of course I am going to support and you should too! Here is the link to check out his IG page! h

Paper Planes – I didn’t know about Paper Planes until I bought my husband a hat from them for Valentine’s Day but this brand which I’m hearing is affiliated with Jay-Z has my support! The customer service and packaging was amazing and the shipping was quick, I would definitely purchase from them again! Here’s a link to their IG to see some of their offerings!


Black Radiance -If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I constantly stan for the Black Radiance Contour Kits and I don’t think I’ll ever stop! Black Radiance is affordable and has a large selection of makeup items for your various makeup needs including their new foundation sticks that I am in the process of checking out as we speak! You can find it in most drugstores but here is a link to their IG to check out a few looks as well!

The Lip Bar – Now you all know, I am the biggest Lip Bar fan and I am always excited to see what’s new with them and with owner Melissa Butler as well! I love the Lip Bar because there is a wide shade selection for all demographics and they try to remain inclusive in the beauty industry. Their products are also vegan & cruelty free which is very nice! The liquid matte is my favorite formula from them and I have a whole lot! See the pictures below! They recently opened up a flagship location Downtown Detroit if you’re local check them out, but in the meantime be sure to follow them on IG here!

The Crayon Case- The Crayon Case is owned and operated by Social Media Star & Business Woman Supa Cent! With a wide array of colors and products to choose from I’m sure you’ll find something to put in your backpack as she calls it! My favorite product from them has to be their brow pomade which is so rich and creamy! Follow the crayon case and its cuties here!

Milani Cosmetics – For years, I’ve seen Milani but never been brave enough to try it out! I recently did and my favorite products from them are their 2 in 1 Foundation which is great coverage and consistency for all skin types and their blur stick primer is very amazing! Be sure to follow them on IG here!

Fenty Beauty – I am a long time member of the Rihanna Navy so it’s no surprise that I fell in love instantly with her Fenty Beauty products. Rihanna definitely shook the beauty table by bringing diversity and inclusivness to the industry by offering over 40 shades of foundatoin. And not to mention her Gloss Bombs are amazing! I’ll always have a strong infintiy towards Fenty because that was my first feature on a beauty website so I’m still pretty hype to this day about that! Follow them on IG here!

Str8BeatNoChasa- I am currently waiting on my first purchase to arrive and I can’t wait as I’ve heard such good things about her variety of lash options! She also offers lash tools and adhesive as well! I ordered the Frissy style and will be doing a look with them as soon as they arrive so be on the lookout! Here is her page to follow her and stay up to date!


My House of Flowers – If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I always talk about supporting My House of Followers in my blog and also on my Youtube channel! I love their natural products for the skin and for the body! And they even have specialty mens products such as beard oils so be sure to check them out! My faves from them are the Charcoal Black Soap and the Red Clay Soap as well! Here is their info to make sure you follow them on IG!

Brooklyn Body Butter – I recently got put on to Brooklyn Body Butter & I’m not sure if I’ll ever get off! The products are all natural and hand made you can’t beat that! Plus, all of the scents are amazing and she has a large variety. My recent purchases have included Almond Coconut, Love Struck & Undeniable for my husband! This makes my skin so soft and supple, you’ve got to try it! Follow Brooklyn Body Butter’s here for more info and sales!

So these are just a few black owned brands you should be on the lookout for! I wanted to include a lot of variety even with the boutiques because when one wins we all win and there is enough out here for all of us! Plus, I can’t call myself the PrettyPlug and not plug you guys! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on IG here for all of my beauty & Fashion tips!


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