My Experience at The Beauty Biz Tour- Detroit Stop

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

Last night, I got the opportunity to attend the Beauty Biz Tour while they were here in Michigan in Detroit! The event required an RSVP but was free of charge with valid ID and RSVP in ample time. I am so glad that I signed up the event as soon as it came into my inbox from the LIP BAR because as a lip bar babe it was not an event to miss.

The Event took place at the Clifford Street WE WORK facility on the 8th floor which was beautiful on the sunny day as the light filled the room! The event was very welcoming and their were so many beautiful lady movers and shakers throughout the room, the vibe was literally amazing in so many ways! There was a free wine bar by Sumptuous Spirits which was amazing and a full cheese & cracker spread along with vegetables as well. Right behind the cheese and veggies was a gorgeous stop and shoot backdrop along with a ring light for everyone to take selfies or Outfit of the day pictures! There was also a vendor station for both the LIP BAR & Urban Skin RX. I unfortunately missed out on a gift bag but I heard they were amazing! Adorning my Lip Bar Prom Queen proudly, I quickly grabbed a ROSE and some of my favorite cheese Brie and looked for a place to sit! I struggled to find parking so I got in the room a little late. To my surprise I ran into one of my favorite Detroit Socialites Amber AKA Socialnthecity and she offered me a seat with her and her girls in the front which was great prime front row seating on a plush sofa situation.

Finally the room got quiet and it was time for the Moderator & Femology Founder Meagan Ward to Introduce the Panel for the night!

Meagan did a great job asking questions we all wanted to know the answers to and making them both personal and business related as well. Kudos to you Meagan! The Panel was amazing and they definitely are some of the top ladies in the Beauty Biz and they handled each question with poise & transparency! The Panel for the night consisted of the following:

Melissa Butler- Entrepreneur, Founder & Owner of the Lip Bar, & Future Investor

Personal IG Handle:

Business IG Handle: @thelipbar

Rachel Roff-Entreprenuer, Founder and Owner of Urban Skin RX

Personal IG Handle: UrbanSkinFounder

Business IG Handle: UrbanSkinRX

Mia Ray- Influencer, Entreprenuer & Owner of the Glamaholic Brand & Same Girl Different Hair

Personal IG Handle: MiaRay

Business IG Handles: Glamaholic Lifestyle & Same Girl Different Hair

Be sure to go follow these ladies and learn more about them & why they are so great!

Key Take Aways & Why you should attend in your city

  • Learn when to pivot & when to scale
  • Be Authentic
  • Change the narrative when you want/need to
  • Entrepreneurship is hard work and you will have days you want to quit but don’t
  • Self Care is important and comes in multiple forms
  • Don’t live above your means but live below them
  • Legacy Building is Important
  • It’s your choice what and when to share
  • Everyone should have a 10 year plan and it’s ok if it isn’t what you think others want it to be
  • Know when to gain a team and how to properly give incentive their employment
  • It takes a while to earn a profit
  • Use your 9-5 to help with your dreams


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