The 3rd Annual Fashion & Beauty Summit: Presented by Posh and Popular

Written by PrettyGirlPeeps

This past weekend, I was given the honor and privilege along with other women in the City of Detroit to attend the 3rd Annual Fashion & Beauty Summit put on by Posh & Popular which is run and was founded by Kimberly Dobine. The 3 day weekend event featured two VIP experiences: One on Friday night as a mixer and one on Sunday morning as a brunch mixer. I was only able to attend the Saturday which was the main event and hosted at Greektown Casino here in Detroit.

The event was set up in such a way that you could pick and choose the way you wanted your schedule or day to happen, if you will. When you first walk in the main area ways are filled with so many different types of vendors ranging from hair, makeup, and clothing as well. I loved the Pink Carpet which created a beautiful photo op for the attendees. After you register for the event, there was an amazing free breakfast. ( That BACON that BACON was everything yall lol)! Next everyone met up in the Grand Ballroom that was beautifully decorated in muted shades of pink creating a gorgeous background & the DJ had the crowd going immediately and the rest of the day as well. . The event’s founder Kimberly Dobine was introduced with a beautiful video explaining her “why” with the event as well as showcasing some of her team that helped the event come to full fruition. If you’ve ever met Kim, you know that she has a passion for fashion as well as a love for women and all things beauty and her outfit choice did not disappoint. Once Kim introduced her self again to the audience, she was in for a surprise when she was presented the City of Detroit award from PR Powerhouse Brittni Brown of the Bee Agency. This was a very emotional moment for her and all of those in attendance.

While Kim was able to bask in her achievement, it was now time for the first Keynote Speaker of the day Karri Turner. Karri Turner is a Dynamic Speaker, Coach and Philanthropist as well. Her topic of choice was Beauty from the Inside Out and she definitely brought the word with that one and at the end of her speech there WAS NOT a dry eye in the room. Some of my favorite takeaways from her Speech were:

-External beauty should be carried by the weight of your internal beauty

-Beauty is not a curse it’s a gift from GOD

-You’re not just a beauty to be a beauty your beauty is a weapon ( in a good sense

-There is a purpose behind your beauty Esther!

-Reconcile the trauma behind your beauty.

Next up was a segment entitled Women Creating their own path in Fashion, Beauty and Media which was a full spread of women CEOS and boss ladies in their own exclusive rights who spoke about innovative ways to set yourself apart especially in the various industries. This panel included Joyce Sheffield (CEO of On & Off the Runway Boutique) , Dr. Nicole Garner Scott ( Founder of Amount Financial Services), Abigail Gibson,(Owner & CEO of All Virgin Hair Co. ), Candice Simons ( Owner of J’adore Loft), and Ronne Brown ( Founder of Girl CEO & Serial Entrepreneur) . (Side note I got to meet Ronne who I’ve been following for years and she was so beautiful and humble as well) . There were so many points and things discussed during this session that if I had to quickly sum it up I’d say, ” Life is not a race and it takes time for your business and path to pan out!

Following this session was the opportunity to attend a Business Breakout Session of your choice! The list of options included: Girl Protect Your Brand, 4 Steps to a 5-Figure a Month Boutique, The Perfect Pitch: How to Pitch Your Brand or Biz in 60 seconds, and Digital Skills for Business. Each session was taught in separate rooms in an effort to provide clear niche based informative and insightful presentations from industry leaders and or experts. The breakout session I chose to attend was the one entitled 4 Steps to a 5-Figure a Month Boutique as I am a boutique owner of the Coral Circle Boutique. ( Shameless link plug here). The room was full of other boutique owners or soon to be aspiring boutique owners who were able to get them answered by Jasmene Bowdry aka the Boutique Teacher & Owner of Shift Style House. During the session Jasmene presented valuable information on how to gauge sales, how to choose vendors, and how to choose your target demographic as well as tips in which you can market to them as well. I found this session to be very useful personally.

After this session, we all went back to the main ballroom to see Kimberly award 2 leaders in the Fashion and Beauty Industry with the Because of Her award in alignment with her new P.O.S.H. and Popular foundation. The two people she chose were Eboni Swank and Cassandra W. This was a very touching moment for both ladies and Kim as well.

Insert Break in Style here which is where you as an attendee could go shop vendors or go purchase lunch of your choice at Greektown or surrounding areas. I ran into one of my Sorority Sisters Ashleigh, so we along with a new boss babe Theresa went to the food court and talked life and business over food before heading back over to the event.

The first session after lunch was entitled “The Beauty in Networking: What Women Helping women really looks like”. I thought this was a real and transparent panel that really gave real life experiences and tips for networking especially within your industry. The members of this panel were Valentina Juncaj ( Owner of Vajze) , Jennifer Spears( Owner of Recessionistas Closet) , Carla Cotton (Owner of Spoiled Forever Boutqiue) , Jasmene Bowdry (Owner of Shift Style House) , and Kristen White (Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist) . This panel and the questions from the audience were moderated by Dana Sellers of Beauty in Color. Some key points that I found useful or think women in the audience found useful were:

  • Establish relationships after you’ve left an event as well.
  • Go up and introduce yourself and allow yourself to be visible.
  • Be engage, be relational, and be authentic as well.
  • Building a community on and off social media.
  • But know you don’t need and shouldn’t want just anyone at your table.

Immediately following was the opportunity for you to choose from Beauty Breakouts & Demonstrations. The choices were Hair & Make-Up Demos with Kristen White, Girls Night Out Glam with Chaniece Coleman, Natural Hair Demo with Coily Queenz, and Skincare within Make-Up with Shalonda A. I opted to stay in the main Ballroom and watch Celebrity Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist showcase what she did with founder Kim’s hair and makeup. I think she gave amazing and and realistic tips for hair and makeup of all types. She was very humble for someone who has worked on sets such as Ready for Love and the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I was pleasantly delighted when I heard she loves Ebin edge control just like I do lol.

Now all attendees came back to the Main Ballroom as Kim and the Style Guru picked three of their favorite fashionistas of the day and awarded them with awards based on crowd opinion once they chose the participants.

Last was the part I was most excited about, outside of networking with beautiful women of course lol. But it was a chance to meet someone who I have long admired and been inspired by Ms. Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily. I was so happpy to meet her and she was so beautiful. She was the last keynote speaker of the day and spoke on the topic of being disciplined which I think is something that we all can apply to our lives. She talked in depth about her journey with discipline especially with finances. I had heard some of her story before from her book “The Bomb Life” but it was nice to hear even more in person. One thing she talked about that stood out to me was that in order to be Rich you have to enrich the lives of others. She dropped so many gems during the Q & A with Kim I could barely keep up. I’m excited that she eluded to the hint that there may be a Convos with Claire in Detroit in 2020. If this happens, I will definitely be in the room.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and all of the ambiance that was created. The beauty and fashion that each women brought to the halls and the rooms created an exciting gumbo of girl power and beautiful magic. It was a blessing to attend and have my baby girl Melanie in my stomach soaking up all of the information as well. I won’t lie my phone kept dying so I didn’t get to take as many notes or pictures as I wanted but I still think I captured what was needed. I will definitely be back for next year’s event. Great job to you Kim and the entire Posh & Popular team.


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