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Hi There! It’s your girl, PrettyGirlPeeps! I am an innovative content Creator that is married to a personal trainer and the step mom to a budding tween. I believe in the concept of staying fine yet frugal at the same time. This means I believe wholeheartedly on slaying on a budget. I like showing my engaged community the way and means by which I do all things Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty. I have coined myself as an image cultivator who specializes in helping cultivate Self Love by way of beauty, fashion, and motivation.
If I had to describe my style, I’d say its urban sophistication with a splash of genuine authenticity. I’d also like to mention that I am very  relatable  & have a unique sense of humor and a great love and appreciation for all things music. I love crafting creative makeup & hair tutorials, blog posts revolving around product reviews, & engaging with my tribe on my mini blog by posting quality content on Instagram and my other social media platforms as well.
When I’m not cultivating images or styling clients, I’m heading my own Online Boutique “Coral Circle Boutique”( good because I always have clothes to model) or hosting one of my Inspirational Events surrounding re branding and learning how to execute visions by way of Guided Motivational Vision Board Parties.Toting two degrees ( M.A. and B.S) from an accredited University in the areas of  Public Relations, Business, Theater, and Communications I live and breathe bringing my own brand as well as others to life by way of content creation and finding new ways to engage audiences as a brand ambassador or simply a collaborator and brand ally.
Never be afraid to reach out, I look forward to educating or inspiring you and or your tribe in some way shape or form…..and oh by the way Have an amazing Day!
“Pretty is more than your outward expression to the world. Pretty is your inward interpretation of yourself that you choose to showcase to the world.”-PrettyGirlPeeps

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