Miller Wedding Recap(Picture Heavy)

Nov 19, 2016 Written by Miaisha Miller Hi you guys! I've missed you and I hope you've missed me too! I am so sorry for my brief absence but I promise I am indeed back and ready to talk to you all. SO I wanted to do a quick recap of my September 24th wedding. … Continue reading Miller Wedding Recap(Picture Heavy)


Confessions of An Anxious Bride

Being the planner and the bride, I've really missed out on a lot of the excitement and enjoyment that goes into getting married & I recently decided that that will NOT continue to happen. Since I am a control freak, it's very hard to let go and to let people help me so I've done most things on my own or with minimal help. As an anxious bride, you over-think, analyze and self criticize EVERYTHING! You wonder about the color choices, the invitations, if anyone got left out, how much money you are going to save vs. how much you want to splurge, and everything else under the sun daily. As you can imagine, that gets really overwhelming and stressful really quick which can affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically of course as well. I finally had to realize that I needed to step away and take a break a few weeks ago.

Wedding Planning Journey: Month #9-#7

Written by Miaisha Peoples, Feb. 18 2016 SO as some of you may know and some may not I am getting married this Fall to the love of my life. Before I go any further let me share some pictures from the engagement. If people are interested I can make a blog about the engagement … Continue reading Wedding Planning Journey: Month #9-#7