3 Ingredient Carribean Jerk & Lime Salmon

Hey you guys it's been a minute since I've hit you with a new recipe and this one is so easy and tasty I couldn't resist. The picture was just a quick one I took for snapchat, but it does it no justice because that aroma can't be seen. ┬áMy fiance's exact words about this … Continue reading 3 Ingredient Carribean Jerk & Lime Salmon



Written by Miaisha Peoples March 2016 Let me let you in on a little secret to some and an insight into who I am for others. I am in love with....food! You guessed and you were right, right? Well either way the point still stands the same, I love good food and drool over excellent … Continue reading THE BLOCK REVIEW


Written by Miaisha Peoples, Feb. 23, 2016 Hey my PEEPS! I am here with an easy to make and very hard to disappoint recipe for my INFAMOUS TACO DIP! I have gotten so many requests to make this taco dip and to share the secret recipe so who better to share it with than you! … Continue reading THE INFAMOUS TACO DIP